Cocteau Twins - Live Black Session 1994

The Cocteau Twins are one of my all time favorite acts.

I will resist the inclination to give an over the top and gushing review and just say, for any fan this is a must have.

For anyone not familiar with them, and at the risk of being accused of musical heresy, their recorded material is a much better starting point, then you will just want more, and settle for any bootleg, bearing in mind the principle that one persons pleasure, is another's poison...

Live on the 4th February 1994, this is Cocteau Twins live in studio 105.

Source: Live 'Black Session' recorded for France Inter (French radio station) in Paris, Maison de la Radio, Studio 105, (with studio audience).

Sound Quality: Very good FM stereo @192kbps mp3.

Genre: Dream pop / Ambient (1986-1997), Ethereal (1983-1986), Gothic rock / Post-punk (1979-1983).

Set: This is the full studio concert.

Set List:

01 - Pur
02 - Road River and Rail
03 - Bluebeard
04 - Heaven or Las Vegas
05 - Whales Tails
06 - Carolyn's Fingers
07 - Iceblink Luck
08 - Summerhead
09 - Ella Megalast Burls Forever
10 - Blue Bell Knoll
11 - Pink Orange Red
12 - Aikea-Guinea
13 - Sugar Hiccup

Links: Official site HERE. 4AD site (also very good detail) HERE.

Comments: I have always been a fan of the Cocteau Twins music, from the first time I heard them in the first half of the 1980's, until now.

Like all good fan's I live in hope of more, although that is probably unlikely and unfair, still us fans are like that.

This is a good live boot of the band, (theirs some awful stuff out their), the audio quality needs to be good for them, however as is often the case with their live material, Elizabeth Fraser's vocals are a little to low in the mix (in my opinion), that said, this is still a must for any one who has an interest in the band (and yes - yet another band from Scotland).

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CW Cobalt said…
I don't see a lot of live shows these days and one of my friends asked,what band in the world would you go see these days? Without hesitation, I'd love to see the Cocteau's live --- if they ever played again...!
Anonymous said…
beautiful.. what a unique ethereal band.. blows smoke at m kevin shields my bloody valentine.. thanks! laura
Anonymous said…
Nice show, thank you. I smiled reading the comments field of the files- there it gives the pedigree of the bootleg, tracing it at least as far back as a TDK SA 90 cassette. I knew them well, they were the bootleg tapes of choice at one record store I frequented. They'd dub them while you waited. Patrick
Beehive Candy said…
Download Link:

Password: bigreup15-048#

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Beehive Candy