Tom Waits - My Fathers Place - 1977

This is Tom Waits live at Club Roslyn, Long Island, New York, USA, or as the venue is more affectionately remembered 'the homely and homey music club - My Fathers Place' (at 19 Bryant Avenue in Roslyn).

Indeed it is easier to talk about the venue than to know where to start with Tom Waits.

I know I often use this as a get out clause, and I will unashamedly do so again now.

For fans this is a must have recording, for those not familiar with Thomas Alan Waits, this captures said gentleman some 32 years ago, with the 'bourbon soaked' voice, on fine form at a wonderful venue.

Source: Pre FM copy of WLIR recording.

Sound Quality: Extremely good stereo MP3 @192kbps.

Genre: Should be a personal genre called Tom Waits, however he ranges across, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Folk, Experimental, and we can throw in Vaudeville for good measure.

Set: Possibly full set, cannot confirm (track numbered from 2 CD version).

Set List:

01 Standin' On The Corner
02 I Never Talk To Strangers
03 Pasties And A G-String
04 Invitation To The Blues - Eggs And Sausage
05 Depot, Depot
06 Jitterbug Boy
07 Step Right Up

01 I wish I Was In New Orleans - Small Change
02 The Piano Has Been Drinking
03 Emotional Weather Report
04 Muriel
05 Medley: Jack & Neil - California, Here I Come Set II
06 Tom Traubert's Blues

Concert Band Line Up:

Tom Waits: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano.
Frank Vicari: tenor saxophone.
Danny Trifan: upright bass.
Chip White: drums, percussion & vibes.

Links: Official site HERE. Excellent fan site HERE. Comprehensive Wikipedia content HERE.

Comments: I know there are a number of good quality live recordings for Tom Waits in circulation, to my knowledge this has not been freely circulated on the web, its good material and does the artist justice.

I was listening to a Tom Wait's concert from last year a couple of days back (will share another time), its great that he has sorted out the bar room image, from his actual lifestyle, and he can still create that unique sound, atmosphere, and overall mood.

I was late getting in on the music of Tom Waits, that's my loss, still it remains great catching up.

Download link in comments below (Replaced 15 September 2011).

Purchase: MP3's (DRM free) from - Tom Waits


Beehive Candy said…
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Mark said…
Thanks for these great shows, really enjoy them!
Anonymous said…
Let's try some Tom Waits.. My first time.

Thanks for sharing,


PS : Really loved the Amy MacDonald concerts some time ago. But Tom Waits ain't the same kind of music as far as I know.
zico said…
The only thing to say about Big Tom is than he is one of a kind. A very special music personality and a loved one. Thanks again and again.
Anonymous said…
Just thought I'd mention the Link doesn't work, any chance of a re-upload? To megaupload or rapidshare...
Good blog.
Beehive Candy said…
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john said…
Many thanks for this.
Anonymous said…
Cheers for the Re-post.
Excellent ;-)
Anonymous said…
Can't seem to get the link to work, What Gives???
Beehive Candy said…