The Beat - Live in Amsterdam 1980

Known in the USA as The English Beat, and elsewhere simply as The Beat, this is the band live at the excellent concert venue, The Paradiso in Amsterdam, Holland, on this occasion back in 1980.

One of the original 2 Tone bands, The Beat along with the likes of The Specials, helped revive Ska in the UK, and appealed to many who had got back in to music, through punk and new wave.

Source: FM radio broadcast (Sorry not much info accompanied this boot).

Sound Quality: Very good FM stereo mp3 @320kbps.

Genre: 2 Tone, Ska, Reggae, New Wave.

Set: Most of set, however may have been edited for broadcast (total Playing Time 44:34).

Set List:

1.Two Swords.
2.Tears Of A Clown.
3.Twist And Crawl.
4.Rough Rider.
5.Mirror In The Bathroom.
6.Best Friend.
7.Whine And Grine / Stand Down Margaret.
8.Noise In This World.
9.Big Shot.
10.Hands Off She's Mine.
12.Click Click.
13.Ranking Full Stop.

Concert Band Line Up:

Ranking Roger - vocals
Dave Wakeling - vocals
Andy Cox - guitar
David Steele - bass
Everett Morton - percussion
Saxa - saxophone

Links: Official site HERE. Wikipedia HERE.

Comments: This was from the tour supporting their first album release (I Just Cant Stop It), the band having already scored chart success with their excellent cover of 'Tears Of A Clown'.

Their official site concisely describes the coming of The Beat, so well in fact that I notice some sizable copy and pasting to Wikipedia, well if it's OK for others...

'Formed in the working class suburbs of industrial Birmingham in England in 1978 The Beat arose at a time of high unemployment and social upheaval. From the outset the band offered messages of hope and peace with an insight into sociopolitical topics would later alongside The Specials see them heralded as forerunners of the whole 2-Tone Ska movement'.

Better still get your two tone outfit on and try keeping your feet still, as you listen to this classic performance.

Download link in comments below, or click on the picture.

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Beehive Candy said…


saw these guys the last time they hit Chicago. Terrific band. Thanks
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Anonymous said…
many thanks for posting this.
amazing quality i have played it over & over.
any more please post.
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walt jabsco said…
Thank you so much. Great band.
Pip said…
I'm glad you're enjoying my uploads,I notice you have quite a few on your blog, Sparks, The Beat, Pretenders etc etc, all from my own collection and uploaded to guitars101forum, If you don't already visit, you can find lots more decent quality bootlegs from myself and others available there.