Talking Heads - Las Vegas 1979

This is Talking Heads live at The Stardust Room, Las Vegas, NV in the USA way back on the 29th September 1979.

David Byrne, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth were 'alumni' of the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island.

There David Byrne and Chris Frantz formed a band called "The Artistics" in 1974.

Tina Weymouth was Chris Frantz's girlfriend and often provided the band with transportation. The Artistics dissolved within a year, and the three moved to New York, eventually sharing an apartment.

Unable to find a bass player in New York City, Chris Frantz decided to encourage Tina Weymouth to learn to play bass. They played their first gig as "Talking Heads" opening for the Ramones at CBGB on June 8, 1975.

In a later interview, Tina Weymouth recalled how the group chose the name Talking Heads: "A friend had found the name in the TV Guide, which explained the term used by TV studios to describe a head-and-shoulder shot of a person talking as 'all content, no action.' It fit.

Source: Soundboard recording.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3 @320kbps.

Genre: New Wave, Post Punk, Forerunners of Indie Rock

Set: Full Set

Set List:

01 - Artists Only
02 - Stay Hungry
03 - Cities
04 - Paper
05 - Mind
06 - Heaven
07 - Electric Guitar
08 - Air
09 - New Feeling
10 - Building On Fire (intro only)
11 - Found A job
12 - Psycho Killer
13 - Life During Wartime
14 - Take Me To The River

Band Line Up:

David Byrne
Chris Frantz
Tina Weymouth
Jerry Harrison

Links: Official Site HERE.

Comments: A couple of points of note for the bootleg purists, track ten (Building On Fire) is only the first part of the song and finishes rather abruptly. The audio on the beginning of track twelve (Psycho Killer) is notably poorer but does seem to correct itself.

All that noted this is a fine example of the band, and their desire for the audience to be able to dance and get into the whole show, wonderful stuff!

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