Beehive Recommends - Rubblebucket

It's not only my opinion that Rubblebucket are one outstanding band, Seven Days Vermont named them best band of 2008, and others have equally applauded their excellent music and live performances.

Their second album (following up on last years debut 'Rose Dream') is simply titled Rubblebucket, and cutting straight to the point I absolutely love it.

This is one summary of the band that helps lift the lid off Rubblebucket:

Defined as a polyrhythmic dance/rock band, Rubblebucket is a nine-piece group that combines the sounds of various brass instruments with catchy rhythms and soulful lead vocals. The resulting sound has hints of dance, rock, and funk, and is anything but ordinary. The unique music that this youthful, energetic group has managed to produce is universally appealing, as it defies genre boundaries and combines true musical talent with a spirited, positive attitude.

Led by trumpeter Alex Toth and with the incredible vocals of Kalmia Traver their MySpace site adds 'Comparisons have been drawn to Talking Heads, Fela Kuti, Bjork and James Brown, but Rubblebucket's afro-beat inspired, trip-rock soul experience is beyond classification'.

If all of this is sounding like an over the top plug for Rubblebucket then I apologise, it's just that they are really, really one hot outfit. As things stand the new album may become my favorite of the year OK so it's still only October however as a contender, Rubblebucket have raised the bar considerably. The following track is just one dimension of the band, there is a lot more to them !


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