Beehive Recommends - Two From Cheap Lullaby Records

Cheap Lullaby Records have released a couple of fascinating albums in the last week or so both very different and also superbly crafted.

Josh Ottum are from Seattle, USA and have just released 'Like The Season'. It's not just the Beehive that's giving them a rather large thumbs up and unashamed plug, The Seattle Weekly recently stated - "Like the Season is one of the more adventurous musical offerings to come out of Seattle in years".

I'm not going to draw comparisons with other bands, Josh Ottum have a pretty distinctive sound and for me sit somewhere between Indie and Alt Rock maybe even a few country 'tinges' here and there. Thankfully you can check them out below!

'It's Alright'

Website: MySpace.
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We seem to have escaped from Brooklyn regarding new music (just browse the recent recommendations & spot the trend) and 'remain' in Seattle for our second choice this week which is Ivan and Alyosha.

I really hope you take the time to give them a listen, particularly if you have a liking for uplifting indie or good old pop music. Citing influences from the extremes of Elvis Presley to ELO, or The Beatles to Bing Crosby, they are a real buzz. The promo adds 'Smooth, soaring guitar pop from Seattle duo that is plaintive and pristine' I tend to agree.

The new album 'The Verse, The Chorus' has just been released and will comfortably be in my personal top twenty for 2009.

'Beautiful Lie'

Website: MySpace.
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