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January and All That

During December & early January a number of music sites and magazines, indulge in the 'best of' the year passing, often with top 10's 20's 50's and so on. Nothing wrong with all that, indeed it can be a great way of discovering bands and artists that otherwise may pass you by. This got me thinking about some of the issues recently, regarding whole postings being deleted on various music sites (including this one) thanks to our friends in big record companies. I took a quick look through the latter part of 2008, to remind myself of some of the bands and artists that I had discovered thanks in particular to other music bloggers. Yes some are now already 'established', some yet to release an album, however I wonder if I would have given them any attention if it was not for those enthusiastic postings. The chances of a lot of these artists getting prime time exposure on UK radio, is limited, and in some cases any exposure is unlikely, for the profit dri

John Prine - At The BBC - 1973

This is John Prine performing live for BBC Radio One, back in 1973 at the BBC Radio Theatre in London. Source: One of BBC Radio 1's, 'In Concert' series from this era, originally recorded 'off air'. Sound Quality: FM stereo, good clean quality. Genre: Country, Folk, Protest, significant influence for recent Americana. Set: Full BBC performance. Set List: 01 Spanish Pipe dream 02 Illegal Smile 03 Donald and Lydia 04 Sam Stone 05 Pretty Good 06 Rocky Mountain 07 Hello In There 08 Everybody Needs Somebody Links: Official stuff is pretty average, probably best represented by 'official' fan site HERE . Comments: Back in 1972, Atlantic records released the album 'sampler' The New Age Of Atlantic', a phenomenal album that introduced many 'rock' fans to John Prine and others (check HERE for more album details). John Prine's inclusion was the song 'Sam Stone' which put concisely by 'Wikipedia' can be int