2010FM March Mega Catch Up (Three).

A backlog of music to go through has focused my mind somewhat, and I have to say as I set about another batch today, I was all set up to be remorseless with the delete key.

Trouble is one of the first bands I checked out was Codeine Velvet Club who have absolutely delighted me, I just love their music, and if you are in 'skip through mode' please at least give these folk a listen!

They have raised the bar for this edition so perhaps a few others failed to get a look in as a result however as you will notice plenty of other pretty good tunes have also surfaced.

As regards Codeine Velvet Club the new musical project from The Fratellis’ Jon Lawler (AKA Jon Fratelli) and singer - songwriter Lou Hickey, they release their self-titled U.S. debut April 6th on Dangerbird Records. The album is available for digital purchase now.

The collaboration began when Jon Lawler, taking a break from whirlwind touring and recording with The Fratellis, teamed up with Lou Hickey to work on a track – the jazz-noir, big-band duet titled “Vanity Kills” – for her record. The song inspired the duo to embark on a full-fledged project together. The resulting album features an elegant orchestral score written by Mick Cooke of Belle & Sebastian, backing vocals by the Gospel Truth Choir and strings parts recorded by renowned classical musicians, including legendary trumpeter Derek Watkins.

The group celebrates Jon Lawler and Lou Hickey’s shared love of ’60s boy-girl duets, dramatic orchestral pop and dark postwar Hollywood and Las Vegas romanticism. Lawler drew inspiration for the album’s dark energy and vampish edge from his time spent in Hollywood. He described his vision for Codeine Velvet Club’s album as sounding like ‘60s soundtrack composer (and James Bond theme-tune creator) John Barry “playing with a rock ‘n roll band.”


Website: Official, MySpace.
Buy MP3: Codeine Velvet Club

Flugente, the solo project for former The Blam front man Jerry Adler, has just released his second album 'Flugente 2'.

This is stripped down and raw where the musical focus is on unadorned Americana, a captivating blend of folk, alt-country, and pop. If you like anyone from Bob Dylan to Lucinda Williams I think there might be a place in your music collection for this guy.

Continuing the narrative that traces a path from Woodie Guthrie through modern day artists such as The Felice Brothers, Flugente is a testament to just how far American acoustic music has come as we enter the second decade of the 21st Century. With strikingly poetic lyrics, captivating, almost whispered harmonies, and twanging finger picked guitar, I have to say I think this guy deserves a lot of attention.

'People Come From All Around' and 'It's Not Just the Summer that's Ending'.

Website: MySpace.
Buy MP3: Flugente 2

It's my opinion that bands and artists coming out of Canada over the last decade have gained a much larger amount of recognition and following thanks to the web and music sites however at the end of the day the fundamental bottom line has to be the quality of the music and the heartbeat of the act.

Dropping out of college to pursue his rock and roll dreams, lead singer Ben Fox collaborated with old friends and new friends to create the brooding sound and style of Toronto's Dinosaur Bones.

With Ben Fox on vocals, Branko Scekic on bass, Dave Wickland on keys, Lucas Fredette on drums, and Joel Clifton on guitar, the Canadian group transformed their unpolished music into a sound filled with haunting synth layers, powerful rhythm, and contemplative lyrics. Playing alongside artists like Crystal Antlers, Malajube, Hey Rosetta!, Arkells, Born Ruffians, and more, Dinosaur Bones quickly impressed audiences by their melancholic, yet ambitious show. After gaining praise and attention from Canada’s top media outlets, including Toronto’s 102.1 The Edge, the group collaborated with producer Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, Arkells) and Giant Studios to record their debut full-length.

These indie rockers recently played Billboard’s SXSW showcase at the Billboard Bungalow.

'Ice Hotels and Royalty'.

Website: MySpace.
Buy: Dinosaur Bones

Warner Music Group's Independent Label Group have formed a partnership with Trans Records, Chris Walla of Death Cab For Cutie's new label.

Chris Walla's first signing is The Lonely Forest. Based in the small town of Anacortes, WA, The Lonely Forest have taken the northwest by storm behind their independently released album We Sing The Body Electric!.

The band's shows in and around the Seattle and Portland areas have built a strong fan base culminating with sold out shows at Seattle's Showbox Theatre last year and a coveted slot at the northwest's premiere festival this May, Sasquatch.

The Lonely Forest - John Van Deusen (Vox/Guitar/Piano), Braydn Krueger (Percussion), Eric Sturgeon (Bass), Tony Ruland (Guitar) - is set to record their debut album for Trans with Chris Walla at studios in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland throughout April and May with the album slated for a late summer or early autumn release.

Beehive Candy got all excited when the band were selected for KEXP's 'Song Of The Day' feature, which just happens also to be featured here for your pleasure.

'We Sing In Time'

Website: MySpace.

The following are just to good to miss out on, so in no particular order and forgive me for some copying from press releases as I try and get up to date, here are a few outstanding acts to check out.

Borrowed Eyes are a band that truly must be seen live to fully grasp the depths of their sound. Their soulful outlaw folk-fused bluesy southern rock amalgamation is easier heard than described, and the band puts on a hell of a show to say the least.

Led by the charismatic front man Danny Wood (formerly of …And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead), Borrowed Eyes plays a blend of Americana, folk, and roots music with the intensity of a punk or metal band, and their passion for their style is apparent during the energetic jamming sections. Their sound is highly conceptual with a distinct vibe and theme, but stylistically never overthrows their music and its all around fun, soulful, and powerful breed of pure rock and roll.


Website: MySpace.
Buy MP3: Some Demons You Can Share With Others

Beehive Candy receive an email and all it tells us is....

My name is Rich Jacques.
I have band called Right The Stars.
We were recently heard on One Tree Hill.
We'll soon be heard in the new Brooke Shields and Brendan Frasier movie called Furry Vengeance. and...of course...I have a new record...

It just happens to be extremely good

'We Got It All'


This remix of Neon Indian's "Mind, Drips" comes from Chattanooga's Summer Dregs. Summer Dregs is the result of Carl Cadwell collaborating with musicians of greater talent to make better music than any of the contributors could alone. On their new record From Gold to Green it manifests itself as delicious, dark, semi-sweet electro-pop for fans of Passion Pit, Dntel/Postal Service, and the aforementioned Neon Indian.

Tour plans for later this year are underway for Summer Dregs, and Neon Indian can be caught pretty much anywhere music is played including SXSW, Bonnaroo, and Sasquatch to name just a few.

'Mind Drips'

Website: Summerdregs, Neon Indian.

Finally Jordon Corey sent Beehive Candy a nice little message a couple of weeks back, we quote:

Hi Beehive Candy,

I recently had the opportunity to make some music with talented producers (Brandon Howard) and writers (Stacy Barthe) in the industry and was wondering what you, and or your audience thought of it. I just released my first single "Truth" and I will be releasing 5 new songs in the coming months.

Check out Jordon Corey's website with 'Truth' available to stream HERE. It's a really good song, and I hope we hear much more from her in the future.