The Quarrymen - 1957 to 1960 (Part One).

This is another selection of material from The Quarrymen dating back to 1957.

Some of this material is a duplication on the first Quarryman bootleg featured on Beehive Candy, however this is from an alternative CD source and the sound quality is much cleaner.

With the amount of interest generated by John Lennon's first band (joined by Paul McCartney & George Harrison along the way) it is not surprising that many versions of the same material have surfaced down the years. The obvious historical nature of the recordings continues to fascinate fans over four decades on.

This is the first of three features and inevitably the sound quality is average (but quite listenable) and their will be some more duplication of material.

Art work from the CD boots is included in the download files.

Source: Live, studio and home (reel tapes).

Sound Quality: Very Listenable mono mp3@variable bit rates.

Genre: Skiffle, Rock & Roll.

Set: Various home & live recordings.

Recording List:

July 6th 1957.

1. Putting on the Style

Spring - Summer 1958.

2. That'll Be The Day
3. In Spite Of Danger

April - May 1960.

4. I'll Always Be In Love With You
5. Matchbox (?)
6. Somedays (?)
7. I Dont Need No Cigarette Boy (?)
8. One After 909
9. One After 909
10. Cayenne
11. Hallelujah - I Love Her So
12. Johnny Johnny
13. Hello Little Girl
14. Thas Whwen Your Heartaches Begin
15. Well Darling (?)
16. You'll Be Mine
17. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
18. I'll Follow The Sun
19. You Must Write Everyday (?)
20. Movin' N' Groovin' - Ramrod
21. Wild Cat
22. Wild Cat
23. Turn The Bitches Off (?)
24. An Important Number (?)

Links: Wikipedia Quarryman History HERE.


Better quality versions of tracks two and three are also included on the official Beatles album Anthology One.

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I cannot thank you enough for these recordings I had a much poorer quality tape this has made my day!

Marty (Mac)
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