Billie Holiday - Storyville Radio Tapes 1951

This is Billie Holiday live at the Storyville Club, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The shows were recorded during a residency at the club in 1951 and broadcast the same year.

Despite some research I am still uncertain if the dates cited (29th October to 1st November) refer to the actual show dates or radio broadcast dates.

This is sourced from the more complete original radio tapes. Some of the tracks were digitally remastered and officially released on CD (see Amazon link below).

Songs are repeated as the radio broadcasts most certainly covered different sessions and nights.

Source: Radio Tapes (Pre Broadcast).

Sound Quality: Good mono mp3@160kbps.

Genre: Jazz Vocal, Jazz, Blues.

Set: Selected for Radio from residency at Storyville Club.

Set List:

1. You're Driving Me Crazy
2. Lover Come Back To Me
3. Ain't Nobody's Bizz-ness If I Do
4. He's Funny That Way
5. Billie's Blues
6. Miss Brown To You
7. Detour Ahead
8. Strange Fruit
9. Ain't Nobody's Bizz-ness If I Do
10. All Of Me
11. I Love You, Porgy
12. Miss Brown To You
13. Billie's Blues
14. Lover Man
15. Them There Eyes
16. My Man
17. I Cover The Waterfront
18. Crazy He Calls Me
19. Lover Come Back To Me

Links: The Official site of 'Lady Day' HERE. Wikipedia HERE.

Band Line Up:

Stan Getz (tenor sax)
Buster Harding (piano)
John Fields (bass)
Marquis Foster (drums)
Billie Holliday (vocals)


Quoting from 'CD Universe' regarding the Storyville gigs 'By the early '50s, Billie Holiday's tone and timbre were already markedly different from her light, sensitive approach of the '40s. Deeper, richer, and more heavily stylized, her delivery here is gorgeously drowsy, an aesthetic heightened by the intimate setting and feel of the live nightclub to the point where both Lady and the combo border on the seductive consistency of molasses'.

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