The Rolling Stones - BBC Sessions 1963 - 1965

Reloaded 26/May/2015 - Another very popular rarity that remains searched after regularly amongst collectors of Rolling Stones material. This recording was seeded close to the original 'release' and the audio reflects that and is very clean and highly enjoyable. It remains a must have for anyone who remembers the raw energy the Stones had, that set them apart from so many right from the start.

Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb is probably the most comprehensive selection of The Rolling Stones BBC Sessions from 1963 to 1965 although many other bootleg compilations have surfaced, including 'Get Satisfaction If You Want' and 'Crackin Up'.

There is a question mark over the absolute accuracy of the dates of shows or recordings however Beat Beat Beat has a reputation for being well researched so are probably pretty accurate.

The cover art displayed is apparently from a rare 10inch German album version. As regards the actual performances themselves, then this is wonderful material, showing off a highly energetic and youthful band, that in the interview ponder whether they have a few more years in them, if only they had known.

Source: Various including BBC transcription discs and off air recordings.

Sound Quality: Predominately very good mono/stereo mp3@192kbps.

Genre: Rock, rock and roll, blues-rock, rhythm and blues, blues.

Set: Various BBC Radio Sessions.

Session Track List:

CD One: Saturday Club, October 26, 1963

1. Come On
2. Memphis Tennessee
3. Roll Over Beethoven

Saturday Club, February 8, 1964

4. Ain't That Loving You Baby
5. Don't Lie To Me
6. Mona
7. Walking The Dog
8. Bye Bye Johnny
9. I Wanna Be Your Man
10. You Better Move On

Saturday Club, March 8, 1964

11. Roll Over Beethoven
12. Beautiful Delilah
13. Route 66
14. Cops and Robbers
15. You Better Move On
16. Mona

The Joe Loss Show, April 10, 1964

17. Hi-Heeled Sneakers
18. Little By Little
19. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
20. I'm Moving On

Saturday Club, April 18, 1964

21. Not Fade Away
22. Walking The Dog
23. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
24. Beautiful Delilah
25. Hi-Heeled Sneakers
26. Carol
CDTwo: Saturday Club, June 6, 1964

1. Down In The Bottom: aka Meet Me In The Bottom
2. You Can Make It If You Try
3. Route 66
4. Confessin' The Blues
5. Down The Road Apiece

The Joe Loss Show, July 17, 1964

6. It's All Over Now
7. If You Need Me
8. Confessin' The Blues
9. Carol
10. Mona

BBC Top Gear, July 23, 1964

11. Around and Around
12. If You Need Me
13. I Can't Be Satisfied
14. Crackin' Up

Rhythm and Blues, October 31, 1964

15. 2120 South Michigan Avenue (fades at 3:42)

BBC Top Gear, March 6, 1965

16. Down The Road Apiece
17. Interview
18. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
19. The Last Time

The Rolling Stones Special, August 30, 1965

20. Mercy Mercy
21. Oh Baby We Got A Good Thing Going
22. The Spider And The Fly
23. Satisfaction

Saturday Club, September 18, 1965

24. Cry To Me
25. Fannie Ma

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Generally the audio quality is very good considerning the age of the material and the possibility that some is sourced from later generation copies. That said a reasonable amount of the recordings made it to BBC transcription CD's circulated to the Westwood One radio network.

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