Gillian Welch and David Rawlings - Charlottesville 1998

RE-POSTED JANUARY 2013 - This is Gillian Welch and David Rawlings live at the Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, on either the 5th May 1998, or the 21st May 1998, depending on which version of this recording you have.

Feel free to elaborate if you can confirm which one is right. I became an instant fan of the music of Gillian Welch upon my first hearing of the incredible 'My Morphine' and would thoroughly recommend the studio version as well the live version within this set.

Dave Rawlings has been a long time 'live' partner for Gillian, and deserves equal billing, his musicianship is excellent, and without bothering to check it out, I think he has produced some of her studio output.

Source: Stereo soundboard direct recording.

Sound Quality: Very good MP3 @192kbps.

Genre: According to Wikipedia (wait for it), bluegrass, neo traditional country, Americana, old time, folk, American Primitivism.

Set: Full content from the nights first set.

Set List:

01 Tear My Still House Down
02 One More Dollar
03 The Devil Had A Hold Of Me
04 My Morphine
05 Winters Come And Gone
06 Miners Refrain
07 Honey Now
08 Paper Wings
09 True Life Blues
10 Red Clay Halo

Links: Official Gillian Welch site HERE.

Comments: I love the Wiki entry in term of genre, however I can add to that from her own press pack just to add to the intrigue for anyone unfamiliar with her music, I quote:

'Gillian Welch is an uncompromising musical renegade with four critically acclaimed albums and a Grammy Award under her belt. Writing and performing with her longtime partner, David Rawlings, they present their haunting songs like rock and roll chamber music, with two acoustic guitars and two voices welded together. Their tunes have been covered by such American legends as Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, and Solomon Burke. Their music defies easy categorization -- it embraces, and is in turn embraced by, the pre-eminent ambassadors of folk, bluegrass, R & B, punk, and rock and roll'.

Lets just say this is a good boot, for fans and the curious alike.

New download link (January 2013) in comments.


Beehive Candy said…
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Anonymous said…
great blog, but unfortunately all mediafire links are down...
Beehive Candy said…
Re-uploaded January 2013.





Beehive Candy (Stealth project).
Anonymous said…
Rawlings is more than just a producer or live partner, they duet on all the records too. THey cowrite, co-sing, everything. She's the main singer and gets main billing but they're the ultimate partnership really.
Anonymous said…
You can also find them on Robyn Hitchcock's CD, 'Spooked' from 2004. David produced as well. It's a fine acoustic-style intro to Robyn's craziness and all three of them doing vocals.