Pink Floyd - M502 Germany 1971

This is another Pink Floyd concert that is hardly an exclusive for Beehive Candy, however the quality of this specific remastered version, the songs performed and the unique nature of this bootleg make it a must feature as far as we are concerned.

Copying from the notes that have been circulated with this remastered version we quote - M-502 is the matrix number of the original 2-LP vinyl set that was made in Europe sometime in the 70's (performance Grosser Saal Musikhalle, Hamburg, West Germany February 25, 1971). Although there are many different versions of this show, all of them are sourced from a M-502 vinyl copy. Some sound better than others, none of them sound anything like this. (Take Linda Surfin' was a popular one). This 2-CDR set comes from a mint condition original LP, and has been beautifully remastered by the Digital Floyd Archives. Not only is this one of the best sounding recordings (especially of this era), this is one of the best vinyl remastering jobs I have ever heard. An original vinyl find is almost unthinkable.

Known Flaws:
If there's any surface noise on this, I can't hear it. May be a little at the start of disc 2, but this is a non-issue. The original recording does sound slightly "overdriven"; there is some mild distortion on the loudest parts of the first set. Cymbaline fades in around the second verse. There is also a bit of static in 'green is the color'; this is mic noise caused by the taper, and is in the original. Overall sound quality is a solid 9 out of 10, with the only penalty being for the above flaws. ooh... those cymbals!

The performance:
Wow. This seems to be the only concert with the brass/choir on Atom Heart Mother where the brass section didn't make any mistakes! Also, the 18+ minute version of A Saucerful of Secrets is probably the definitive version of this song. Did I mention that this is my favorite version of Careful With That Axe, Eugene? Roger's doesn't scream, he roars. Hold on to your hat. 

Source: Audience (do not be put off - this is an incredible copy).

Sound Quality: Very good MP3 @256kbps.

Genre: Progressive rock, psychedelic rock, contemporary.

Set: Full set.

Set List:

1. Green Is the Color
2. Careful With That Axe Eugene
3. Cymbaline (missing first verse)
4. The Embryo
5. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
6. A Saucerful of Secrets
7. Atom Heart Mother

Website: Official HERE.

Replacement download links (two) in comments below (15 September 2011).


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hi, great post, but how to download this one? the links don't include any download possibility. nothing opens at flameupload after minutes.
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