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Jimmy Cliff - Kansas 1982

This is Jimmy Cliff live in concert during a tour supporting the release of his 1982 album 'Special'. This recording is from a concert in Kansas City, MO, USA on the 9th October 1982 and features six of the eleven songs on the 'Special' album. Jimmy Cliff was born in Somerton District, St. James, Jamaica. He began writing songs while still at primary school in St. James, listening to a neighbour's sound system. In 1962 his father took him to Kingston to go to Kingston Technical school where he ended up sharing his cousin's one rented room in East Kingston. He sought out many producers while still going to school, trying to get his songs recorded without success. He also entered talent contests. "One night I was walking past a record store and restaurant as they were closing, pushed myself in and convinced one of them, Leslie Kong, to go into the recording business, starting with me," he writes in his own website biography. After two singles that fai

Tim Buckley - Denver 1969

This is Tim Buckley performing just four songs at the Denver Pop Festival held at the Mile High Stadium, Denver, USA on the June 28th 1969. Tim Buckley's short life is well documented, so a little about the actual Denver festival. The Denver Pop Festival was a three-day music festival promoted by rock promoter Barry Fey (Feyline) on June 27-June 29, 1969 which was largely overshadowed by Woodstock two months later. Unlike the free-form happening in upstate New York, the Denver festival had the full support and local resources of a major city, taking place in Denver Mile High Stadium. There were high expectations for the Festival; it was commonly called the "First Annual" Denver Pop Festival. The peak attendance was estimated at 50,000. Frank Zappa is credited by some with inventing the audience wave during his set. He actually selected sections of the stadium (audience) to each make different odd sounds and gestures. He then composed a "tune" on his "