Weekend Goodies

Smooth Ends are a London based band. They have just released their first EP, and to use their fine words it happened - "after lots of hard work and passion. We self produced the whole thing, from the music to the artwork, and everything in between. We are active in the London music scene, with lots of ideas and upcoming events".  They continue - "We would like to share our music with you, since we know that you would appreciate the hard work behind it".

Two things really impressed me about Smooth Ends. First of all their short and to the point message actually implied the passion was pretty genuine, secondly, the music. After all is said and no matter how much buzz you create, it's always going to be the music that counts. Well it is for Beehive Candy and we are impressed. (Facebook HERE).


Tiny Rhymes have this to say - We are Tiny Rhymes; a indie/chamber-folk group with members from Canada and Buffalo, NY. We're releasing the lead single "Arrows" off our upcoming album which is out June 23rd.

Sharon Mok continued - I've always played piano, but decided to pick up the guitar for this current batch of songs, and set out to create melodies influenced by my childhood experience with both Chinese opera and classical music.While writing and recording in Buffalo, I met cellist Katie Weissman and we instantly hit it off. Weissman’s diverse technique and smooth, dark melodies added necessary dimension to the songs.

My attention was grabbed with the description 'indie/chamber-folk group'. I mean it just has to work does it not? Well I think it does if the song 'Arrows' is anything to go by. Wonderful. (Facebook HERE).


We have received the following - Melbourne band Magic Bones, release their new single ‘Danger I Am’, a taste of their forthcoming album due for release in 2015. Keeping in tune with their latest releases, ‘Danger I Am’ is a driving garage punk duet, drowning in desire and urges to be drawn in by the unknown.

High energy, no nonsense and exciting, but enough about me, no seriously they come across as all of that. 'Danger I Am' is instant 'play it again' material. Comparisons such as the B52's should be received as positive and complimentary, the driving mayhem is totally theirs to own. (Facebook HERE).


Finally and what a finally! And we quote - Celebrating over 40 years in music, one of the most pivotal reggae bands of all time Third World will release their first major song of the year “YimMasGan” on June 16, 2015 on Ghetto Youths International. The Damian Marley produced song, which will also be accompanied with a new music video directed by Jamaica’s own Ras Kassa, is a fresh take on the 1974 original track by 

The Abyssinians. Yim mas gan means let him be praised in the ancient Ethiopian Amharic language.  This is the second song written by The Abyssinians that Third World recorded. The first was “Satta Massagana,” released in 1975 on Chris Blackwell's Island Records.

One of Reggaes most consistently outstanding bands and an absolute pleasure to feature on Beehive Candy. No real need to add anything else, unless you are extremely late to the party! (Facebook HERE).