Three To Please You This Weekend

Moon Types - Know the Reason (Jigsaw).

What we are told - Here's yet another Jigsaw 7" from a new Swedish band, and like our previous one (by Animal Daydream - check 'em out!), this one features a set of easy-going and jangly pop songs in the vein of fellow Jigsawers, the Zebras and Ocean Party, as well as Ladybug Transistor (check out the trumpet in the title track!) and some more hipper bands like Real Estate. Though "Know The Reason" is the obvious hit, due to its instantly catchy melody and bouncy feel, the other two songs are no less dazzling in their own subtle ways, from the descending chord progression in the chorus of "Nothing's Holy" to the haunting feedbacky/ebow-ed guitar melody in "Do It All Over Again".

Jangle pop simple as that, easy on the ear and mind. A catchy song that pleases, more always welcome when they are performed this well.


Bec Sandridge - In The Fog, In The Flame.

More background details - Possessing an incredible voice and prolific ear for melody, this 24 y/o Aussie native molds raw emotion with sleek production to create a sound that will nestle itself in the forefront of your consciousness. 2015 will see the songstress release a new EP as well as a run of Australian and UK tour dates. More details to be announced soon. She has also supported the likes of Passenger and Half Moon Run.

Another song that sinks its hooks into you and demands your attention. Melody, rhythm, and Bec's emotive vocals work wonders.


Tin Lion - Whatever Works.

All you need to know - Originally from Perth, Western Australia, Jesse Fultone has had a lifelong love of music. Having played in numerous bands over the years (Flux Capacitor, Bobby Blackbird and the Bluejays, The Maples) and supported acts as varied as Sharon Jones, The Black Keys, Jamiroquai and Ugly Duckling, Jesse now produces and performs under the name Tin Lion. Influenced by acts such as Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, The Meters and Prince amongst, basically, anything with a good beat, Tin Lion’s music is a swirling mix of big drums, spacey synths, heavy bass and percussive guitar. Music as much for your head as for your feet.

On top of a new single and record, Jesse has just launched the new, all live four-piece Tin Lion live show. Drums, bass, guitar and full time percussion twist up and recreate the Tin Lion sound in a distinctly ‘dance punk’ way. Paradoxically loose and funky, whilst still being tight as a drum.

An infectious beat, rhythmic vocals, and synths combating for their place against some slick guitar work, not that the bass isn't stomping along. Go on, play it again..