Sundays Alternative Take - From 'Free Form' To 'Top Form'

Trancescapes - Anima (from the album 'Gaia Sadhana').

Background - The members of ‘new age’ musical group Trancescapes view free and open improvisation as an authentic connection to the holistic nature of music for meditation.  Like great jazz or blues, free improv is best recorded 'live off the floor'.   Capturing the essence and magic that is brought forth spontaneously moment by moment, coloured by the musical influences and the unexpected developments of open-minded musicians, the music is as stimulating for the listener as it was while being performed live by the musicians.

Welcome to the world of Trancescapes, whose debut album, ‘Gaia Sadhana,’  (loosely translated from Hindi and Greek words meaning ‘earth’ and ‘instrument’)  - is being released September 4th world-wide via Spring Hill Records. Recorded live off the floor on a magical evening in early 2015, the album is a collaboration with multiple Juno award winning singer - songwriter Bill Bourne leading a diverse group of Edmonton based Canadian musicians including Miguel Ferrer, Shannon Hambler, Izumi Kurybayashi, Bria Lizotte, Dr. Kevin Sisk, and Lisi Sommer, performing all organic instrumentation including guitars, percussion, violin, Tibetan singing bowl, vocalisations, and a variety of drones. The open improvisational musical group began creating music together in the summer of 2013, and will be performing select concerts in North America in 2015 – 2016.

Now this is different even for our 'Alternative Take' feature. The presented track is slower than most of the others however gives a flavour. Rhythms, textures, instruments and ideas come together and in the main really work well. For those who crave something fresh and different, this is well worth further investigation.


James Vincent McMorrow - How To Waste A Moment.

Background - James Vincent McMorrow shared the track “How to Waste a Moment” via Soundcloud. The new song hints at a continued evolution for James adding more beats to his layered, production and soulful vocals. McMorrow has been hard at work on the follow up to 2014’s Post Tropical and the track is a pivot from the ethereal moods of the previous album to something more direct R&B based.

US Tour:

8/17 - Boise, ID - Knitting Factory - w/Blake Mills
8/18 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot - w/Dawes
8/19 - Fort Collins, CO - Mishawaka Amphitheater - w/Dawes
8/20 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater - w/Blake Mills
8/22 - Salida, CO - Gentlemen of the Road Stopover - w/Mumford and Sons, Flaming Lips tUnEyArDs, Jenny Lewis
8/24 - Apple Valley, MN - Weesner Amphitheater - w/Kevin Garrett
8/25 - Madison, WI - Majestic Theater - w/Kevin Garrett
8/26 - Chicago, IL - Thalia Hall - w/Kevin Garrett

James has a voice created for soulful renderings. Add a soundtrack like this and you have a superb song.


Express Rising - Spirit Darts.

Background - Express Rising is the long-running project of musician and polymath Dante Carfagna, whose abilities as a composer have yielded an expansive discography of meditative instrumentals. Express Rising's latest collection, Fixed Rope, is set for an October 2 release via an exclusive distribution deal with Numero Group.

The album is comprised of twelve single-take ambient instrumental excursions, composed in strict committee by the trio of Kevin Blagg, William Suran, and Carfagna. Recorded spontaneously in rural Arkansas, bulging sub-woofers lope through fissures of skeletal banjo and pitched down pedal steel, while delicately arranged basins of synth and guitar reverberate, providing a steady stream of granular epiphanies. Utterly faded, yet still possessing crystalline clarity, these twelve songs continually attain summits rarely reached within the span of four-minute transmissions.

Well I have only heard this track so far, so making me wait until October for more is a real tease. This is both cool, expansive and relaxing and I love it!


NERVO - Rainham Road.

Background - Amsterdam Music Festival has another big name in store for all the fans with NERVO being added to the line-up for Amsterdam Music Festival 2015. On Friday the 16th of October, NERVO will make their long awaited debut at Amsterdam ArenA for the first day of Amsterdam Music Festival, the biggest event during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

In demand and loved across the globe, NERVO’s non-stop schedule takes them from the magical island of Ibiza, to their studio in their home-away-from-hometown of London, to every major Festival in the World. Everywhere the girls go, their infectious energy, fearless personal style, deep love and understanding for music precedes them.

This summer, NERVO released their new album ‘Collateral’, performed at Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival and have up-coming shows at Creamfields and ElectricZoo. It is with great excitement that we welcome the talented and stunning ladies to Amsterdam during ADE to perform at Amsterdam Music Festival.

Pulsating rhythm and beats are the bedrock of the highly talented and popular NERVO. Their attention to detail and an instinct to know what to put in and what to leave out, makes each song exciting, as you wait to discover, what's around the next corner.