Straight Shooting Saturday: Lady Low - The By Gods.

Lady Low - Burning Like A Fever.

Background - Released in mid October “Burning Like a Fever,” is the current single from Hollywood’s favourite romance rockers, Lady Low. Described as “where strings and heartstrings collide,” Lady Low is a rock sextet comprised of Jimmy Sweet (vocals, guitar), Eden Lee (vocals, drums), Shanel Chavers (vocals, synth), Kaitlin Wolfberg (violin), Corinne Olsen (violin), and Mia Siler (viola). Sweet had always wanted to start a band that combined love’s passion and old school rock and roll. After returning to L.A. by way of London, he formed Lady Low.

Sweet started out with legendary San Francisco rock band, The Richmond Sluts. He still performs with the Goodtime Boys, a ‘70s cover band, along with members of Hot Hot Heat, Fleet Foxes, The Heavy, and Beachwood Sparks. While studying vocal performance at Ohio University, Eden recorded and performed with The First Street Heat, a nine-piece funk group. She has also been featured in SassafraZ and Tempo Tantrums, a female a cappella group. More information on Lady Low is available on the band’s official website.

Wolfberg writes the string arrangements and also plays viola, keyboards, and violin. She has worked with indie legends The Bats and The DB’s, and has played with heavy hitters such as Dweezil Zappa and Ruthann Friedman.

We featured Lady Low back in early June, however the current single 'Burning Like A Fever' has got under my skin, so why not give the band another share. The whole structure and feel to this song, just ticks a lot of personal 'like' boxes, simple as that.


The By Gods - On The Radio.

Bio from the band - Nashville-based band The By Gods — originally George Pauley (vocals, guitar) and Tye Hammonds (drums) — breed hook-laden, roll-your-windows-down rock & roll, respectfully reminiscent of the band’s early to mid-90’s alternative predecessors.

With The By Gods, Hammonds and Pauley are focused on the difficult art of keeping it simple, and making the music they love. "We're really hedonistic when it comes to most things with The By Gods." Hammonds explains, "As long as we're into it, we think that other people will be too."

The band’s new album G​et On Feelings ​is chock-full of rock & roll spark, assembled perfectly with intelligent and, most importantly, intoxicating melodies. With it, the band grows from a duo into a trio, thanks to the addition of bassist Natalie Pauley. Together, The By Gods hit their full-stride from the opening track and, down strokes-be-damned, continue delivering their fuzz-guitar-laden youthful energy in crystal-clear high fidelity on “Miss It” and “On The Radio.” Pauley’s guitar work buzzes with maturity and exploration, from the appropriately off-kilter chorus chords of “My Way,” to the raucous bridge riff in “I Really Don’t Care.”

The new record like it's predecessor was recorded by, Carl Amburn (Riddle Of Steel, Traindodge, Self-Evident, Town Portal), at his Oklahoma barn studio, The Mousetrap. Out of that barn, a most-impressive beast of a full-length has germinated and is ready to devour the planet. You see, eventually The By Gods’ music will help put an end to war and poverty. It will align the planets and bring them into universal harmony. Allowing meaningful contact with all forms of life, from extra terrestrials to common household pets...and, it's excellent for dancing.

From the forthcoming album 'Get On Feelings' (out on January 22nd 2016) 'On The Radio' is their current single, and pretty typical of the power soaked album. It's potent rock'n'roll, reliant on energised and passionate performance, cutting out the nonsense and just playing to please, and pleasing the listener.