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WARNING! Beehive Candy Pulse Detected.

Following an enormous sleep, it would appear that Beehive Candy has started to wake. This could be a good thing, or this might be a dangerous set of circumstances. There may be life in the old dog yet, and reports of our demise may well be premature. Planet Earth may be in a bad way, it's occupants happily marching off to oblivion, therefore a little light entertainment may ease the pain. As it has taken this long to think about doing Beehive Candy again, may we suggest you check out the real meaning of life whilst we get our act together, that said something may well be stirring in the depths, let's hope it ain't the Kraken. With a few new ideas knocking about, a mountain of new music arriving weekly and, some surprisingly decent music and songs hidden amongst the inevitable pile of   'can I be rich and famous' well no, not really   material, Beehive Candy has cause to think, shall we, well shall we? The message then is don't hold your breath quite