Genre Wander: Sinderins - We Are Bandicoot - The Fontaines - TheROAMies

Sinderins - Fayre.

Background promo - The band’s name is taken from a confluence of roads in the band’s home town of Dundee.  Very appropriate this is too, since this band is truly the result of a meeting and a meshing of talents and minds. Producer Matt Lawrence allowed the band to capture the essence of what makes the music special, distilling not only the foam and the energy, but also the eeriness and otherness that sits at the heart of their sound. With hundreds of gigs already chalked up, and the schedule for 2016 filling fast–don’t doubt their commitment.

The single is energetic and cheerful, with an uplifting tone. Vocalist, David, manages to highlight the incredible ability to his vocal range and it’s clear to see the amount of talent that Sinderins have is extraordinary.

On Fayre, David Webster hits and sustains a high note across four bars. Initial attempts to record this fell short so, channelling something he had read about Thom Yorke leaping into a fjord, Webster asked his band mates to douse him in ice water before he ran to the mic.  That first take is the one that was used on the final record…

With Fayre the band have created something that draws on tradition; the tradition of the Folk scene, sure, and on their own personal histories. It is where ideas, techniques, traditions and friends – old and new – come together. Fayre is taken from Sinderins upcoming album and will be available at all the usual places from 13th May with the album to drop in June.

Tour Dates:
Tues 17th May – The Groucho Club, London
Wed 22nd June – Mad Hatters, Inverness
Thur 23rd June – Café Drummond, Aberdeen
Fri 24th June – Venue TBC, Dundee?
Sat 25th June – King Tuts, Glasgow
Sun 26th June– King Tut’s, Glasgow

'Fayre' may well be dominated by the incredible vocals of David Webster, however that is in part down to the superb musicianship, that provides such a professional and powerful backdrop. What a fantastic song, yet another must have album beckons.


We Are Bandicoot - The Reason.

Background promo - Kent five-piece We Are Bandicoot have been topping the lists of Indie taste makers throughout 2016. The raucous new single “The Reason” out Monday 16th May shows just why the young experimental muso’s are causing such a song and dance, literally.

God only knows how many amps We Are Bandicoot must have blown up in the making of “The Reason”, the grooving, fuzz-heavy powerhouse of an indie-rock banger. The downright erotic guitars pulled straight from the top shelf of guitar tones, crashing drums and inventive vocal hooks and harmonies have secured the attention of more than just the Internet’s most revered bloggers.

Not content with invading our screens, We Are Bandicoot are now attacking the airwaves with multiple spins on BBC Introducing from Tom Robinson and plays coming from far and wide with the likes of Radio Kaos Caribou in France and The Justin Wayne Show in Montana, both champions of the band.

Following shows with Broken Records, Moullettes and Heg & The Wolf Chorus, the trendsetters from the South East will be on the road throughout May & June including a special show at The Great Escape Festival. “The Reason” is released by Blizzard Records on 16th May 2016.

19/05      Brighton, The Great Escape
20/05      Milton Keynes, The Stables - Supporting Heg & The Wolf Chorus
02/06      London, Dublin Castle
05/06      London, Slaughtered Lamb
07/06      London, Alley Cat Bar
23/06      Maidstone, Earls - Single Release Show
25/06      London, The Garage - Supporting The Phantom Sound

We Are Bandicoot have created something quite wonderful with the song 'The Reason'. Vocals and harmonies are carefree yet powerful and the band play with equal cheer and swagger, it's a good one.


The Fontaines - Cold.

Background promo - If, after listening to The Fontaines’ debut EP, you find yourself at a loss for how to describe them, don’t worry. The brother-sister duo (Charlotte, 21, sings; Hank, 26, plays guitar) don’t want to make music that’s easy to pin down. “We call it New-Wop,” Hank says, adding that the he really wants his music to be “swoon-worthy,” to have that indescribable sense of a song taking over your heart, a feeling he’s had when listening to Miles Davis...and Beach House. For Charlotte, it was hearing The Drifters in grade school that made her realise what kind of sound she wanted to play with in her own music.

Hank moved to Los Angeles in 2008; partially for his health, but also, he adds, because he “wanted to live in a culturally important city where I could be in warm weather and still go out and hear rock n' roll at night.” Charlotte, who always knew she wanted to sing (perhaps because she shares a birthday with Frank Sinatra), followed suit after she graduated high school, determined to follow her brother into the music business.  Charlotte found herself inspired as she watched him “play every dive bar and small social gathering in town.”  Hank says of the early years, “She and I both knew that getting up on stage to perform always beats sitting around and then regretting it afterward.”  It simply made sense to join forces.

Charlotte came up with the name, chosen for reasons as eclectic as their music: she was inspired by Trip Fontaine, a gentlemanly but troubled character from Jeffrey Eugenidies’ 'The Virgin Suicides'; the French poet Jean de la Fontaine; and, finally, Johnny Fontaine, the Frank Sinatra pastiche from 'The Godfather', because she loved his “over the-top persona”.

 By 2015, The Fontaines were playing wherever and whenever they could.  “We try to make our shows as unpredictable and spontaneous as possible; we’re constantly pushing ourselves to step it up.”  They also began to write compulsively. Hank estimates they’ve written over 300 songs in two years.  'Dusty Springfield', which is set to be the group’s fourth single, was written the night before it was recorded. “We actually already had a different song with the name ‘Dusty Springfield’,” Hank explained.  “We didn't like it, but we still wanted to record a song inspired by her.  The other guys in the band were shocked when we showed up to record a new song with the same title.”  The Fontaines’ self-produced new songs were recorded in downtown L.A. and mixed by Matt Linesch (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes).

'The Fontaines EP' recently reached #121 on the CMJ college radio charts, #14 on the KKBB specialty radio charts, and #48 on the FMQB specialty radio charts.  In addition, "Paul Newman" was recently debuted as "Today's Top Tune" on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic.  The band made their CMJ debut in 2015 and will be appearing at this year's Canadian Music Week and other international festivals. The Fontaines will release their second EP, 'II' on June 24th 2016.

The featured song 'Cold' showcases The Fontaines "new wop" sound pretty well. There's one softer, gentler song on the new EP the other two tracks have the positive spontaneous vibes of 'Cold' which really does come across as having a modern twist, on a timeless classic sound.


TheROAMies - Me and My Shadow.

Background bio - The ROAMies are a refreshing listening experience and an adventure for your soul. This fun duo/band's music is a playful marriage of Alexa James' hooky melodies, upbeat lyrics and unique vocals with Rory Partin's soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics fused into a one of a kind sound. After touring together, fans continually asked them to combine their sound into one. Honoring that request, The ROAMies was formed. Deeply rooted by their passion for travel, adventure and people, they’re a duo that you will definitely want to "follow," "like," and "subscribe" to as they ROAM around the world.

Alexa James has recorded several professional studio albums, has had a #1 song and five other Top 10 songs. She was named Hot Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year with the L.A. Music Awards. Rory Partin has also garnered a #1 radio single and has performed in over 30 countries. His soulful vocals and piano-based grooves leave you wanting more! They recently won the award for Best Theme Song in a Comedy at the LA Webfest and Best Soundtrack at the Maverick Movie Awards. Once you see this duo live, you will know this is just the beginning of an enjoyable adventure.

May 7th @ Masia de la Vinya, Temecula, CA- 12:00-4:00
June 10th @Moonlight on The Mountain, Birmingham, AL
June 11th Rory Partin's Big Band plays at Centennial Park in Nashville, TN
June 12th @Chattanooga Farmers Market, Chattanooga, TN
June 13th @Blue Plate Special in Knoxville, TN  at noon!

Our official US 40-date summer tour starts June 30th- here are a few sneak peaks:
July 5th- Inside The Music Room Radio Show, Dallas, TX
July 20th- Rockwood Music Hall, New York City, NY
August 12th - Gray's on Main, Franklin, TN
August 13th- Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta Room, Atlanta, GA
August 31st- Mercury Cafe, Denver, CO

The duo say of the song 'Me and My Shadow' - "It's a fun little ditty that we covered. Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. did a great version of the song (of course) We used their version to inspire our own. ". It's a fun version and what's more it's free to download, everyone's a winner with this charming version!