Monday Double: JP Klipspringer - Todd Dorigo

JP Klipspringer - Can't Be (Album Edit).

Background promo - Melbourne songwriter and producer JP Klipspringer returns with his biggest effort of 2016, the infectious and sinister pop-ballad “Can’t Be”.

2015 saw Klipspringer release his second EP, Din Deafening, with lead single “I Blame Carl Weathers” enjoying solid airtime on triple j and other community stations across Australia. Two mini east-coast tours later and Klipspringer’s music is gaining the attention of more and more punters nation- wide.

Produced by local stalwart Simon Lam (Kllo, I’lls), “Can’t Be” demonstrates Klipspringer’s keen ability to craft arresting and dynamic indie tunes. Partially inspired by the first season of cult US television series True Detective, and written after backpacking through America’s southern states in 2014, “Can’t Be” is equal parts sugar and melancholy; a story of lust and malevolent intentions set in the overbearing heat of New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Can’t Be” is a fresh cut from Klipspringer’s debut full-length album, set for release in September 2016. Details of a national tour to celebrate the release of the album are to be shared in the coming months. “Can’t Be” will be released 15th of July 2016.

'Can't Be' is one of those must play again songs for me. It's melodic and develops a really dreamy vibe, or is that me not understanding what the prearranged signal is (you have to listen). Production is spot on and JP's vocals are a real treat.


Todd Dorigo - Backdrop To Boredom.

Background promo - It’s the small town blues like perhaps we’ve not heard it before – ever so slightly narcissistic, but with the sink or swim swagger that saw Todd Dorigo land in the big smoke. He emerges with new single ‘Backdrop To Boredom’, with its opening refrain – “Long live me…Time to leave” – serving one hell of an introduction to Dorigo’s booming baritone and steadfast backbeat. Stream/embed ‘Backdrop To Boredom’ below...

“The song was written at a time when I left my home town up north for London,” he explains. “Middlewich wasn’t exactly the melting pot of creativity and I had been playing in Manchester and Liverpool for years cutting my teeth. Everyone seemed to be on the well-trodden path to stability, and I wasn’t really interested. “Chasing my passion for music seemed like two-fingers up to my education and to any well-intended guidance I’d ever received. At the time, I think I was so desperate to shake things up and make things happen that the thought of comfort frustrated me as it suggested a lack of movement or progression.”

Born of modest Middlewich, ‘Backdrop To Boredom’ soundtracks the new Burberry campaign launching this month, in which Dorigo also features. It’s not the first time he’s flirted with high-end fashion, having (somewhat reluctantly) fallen into a Vogue shoot alongside Suki Waterhouse when she saw him sound-checking before a show at The Troubadour in London. ‘Backdrop To Boredom’ marks Todd Dorigo’s first official release, via London-based singles club 0E0E (pronounced ‘Naughty Naughty’) and hints to the forthcoming release of a debut EP later this year.

'Backdrop To Boredom' showcases Todd's distinctive and pleasing baritone vocals. It's also a very good rock song, with a thumping bassline and drums along with super tight guitar playing.