Monday Mix: Harmonee - Thieves Like Us - BlueJaye

Harmonee - Slip Away.

Background - The latest release from Harmonee called ‘Slip Away’, is now available via D/A Music Group. Harmonee, a unique 3-piece girl group combine their passion of Rock and Pop music to create something entirely original. 

The group comprise of three girls from Liverpool, Sophie Glover, Maria Donovan, and Rebecca Scott who formed together in the Summer 2012.

They have already gained recognition in their hometown of Liverpool, being played on BBC Radio Merseyside, alongside this they have performed live around the UK.

The group love to give energetic performances every weekend playing Classic Pop and Motown Records to get weekend partiers dancing. However, they are currently focused creating their own music. ‘Slip Away’ is their first of many potential hits to come. Facebook here.

With confident vocals and harmonies and a fine pop meets rock beat 'Slip Away' is one very solid and pleasing song. The original feel the band are looking for, may well be achieved, by keeping the vocal/harmony arrangement nearer to rock than pop, as is the case with this track. Looking forward to hearing more from Harmonee!


Thieves Like Us – Broken Mirrors.

Background - Swedish/American trio Thieves Like Us have just dropped their new video, in support of the band’s latest album coming out soon (album release date is 7th April 2017 via Seayou Records/Rough Trade Distribution).

After a four-year hiatus, Thieves Like Us return with their fifth eponymously titled record. The Swedish/American band, named after a New Order song, tracked and produced the new record in late 2015. The new self-titled record reinvents the band's cosmic song based aesthetic with the introduction of live bass (Thomas Franklin) and drums (Tore Knipping), steering its songs into more spirited waters.

Guitarist Chris Wackrow and his Felt-like guitar overdubs delicately fill out the rhythmic spaces with many a subtle and sparkling riff. Backing singers Martine Duverglas, Mia Von Matt, and Monika Martinez substantiate Andy Grier's frail and airy vocals elevating the music to a more adult modern rock sound similar to the complimentary vocals of Metronomy. The end result is an intricate, accessible pop record and a natural progression of the band's previous record Bleed Bleed Bleed.

While the new album does feature upbeat light pop movers like Dani and E-Problems, Thieves Like Us also holds its share of melancholic, introspective and socio-political tunes (Jennifer, Broken Mirror, Israel). As always, the band cites economic peril, over-militarization and technology as some of the albums cheerier themes. And again -- maybe the band possess just enough world perspective to unify us all in dancing to the bad news.

Thieves Like Us is based in Berlin, but comprised of musicians from all over the world. Starting out as DJs, the band soon evolved into a full band that blends electronic, rock, and pop music. Effortlessly they take from (italo) disco, glam, and punk to create their own distinctive sound that has garnered comparisons to numerous dance-pop acts of the early 2000s, such as Metronomy, Hot Chip and Crystal Castles. Facebook here.

From the forthcoming album by Thieves Like Us we have 'Broken Mirrors' a rhythmic and flowing electro rock song. The video works with the track adding in some angst and story like imagery, however the girl at the end really should wrap up warmer on these cold winter days (hmmm).


BlueJaye - The Catalyst.

Background from the band - We started as a home recording project between school friends Dan and I. Our first 2 songs we released were mainly recorded in Australia where I lived for a year, with Dan sending parts he recorded on bass and me doing the rest of the recording and production. 

After getting a few songs done we decided the next logical step was to start a band and start playing live. We are now a 5 piece band from South London (and one from Wales) 4 of us went to school together and 3 of us currently work in schools teaching music of some kind. Our influences include Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Syd Arthur and White Denim.

We recently played The Bedford in Balham and attracted over 100 people to the night which was organised by myself for OxJam; raising over £500 for the charity. We have most recently just headlined a night at Proud Camden. We are due to play at The Good Ship in Kilburn on 27th January and Tooting Tram and Social early March. Facebook here.

I love it when a band or artist gets in touch and then presents music of the calibre that 'The Catalyst' presents. Influences there may be, but with original songs like this, I am mightily impressed!