Olive - Timewarp inc - Narrow Waves - David Philips - Kate Crash

Olive - Changing the World.

Background - Olive announces release of soulful new single ‘Changing the World’, due to be released this Earth Day, April 22nd. 

Olivia Szulgowski, known as Olive, is an independent Australian born artist. Inspired by indie-pop, soul and motown, with a hint of old-skool R&B. Olive has embarked on her own original sound journey, with the essence of the late Amy Winehouse ‘Back to Black’ album, fused with modern-day indie-alt radio hits. “Join me for tea, some afternoon company; we’ll let our fortunes unfurl and talk about ‘Changing the World’”. A big statement from Olive’s debut track titled ‘Changing the World’, the track has a big message and indie-pop, old-soul big band vibe. 

Olive’s debut release is launching this International Earth Day, April 22, to coincide with global consciousness about environmental sustainability for our planet and for us, the humans living on it. Following shortly after the launch of the video, 'Changing the World’ will be relaunched on a worldwide platform by Ear Science Institute Australia, for their global campaign for International Noise Awareness Day, this April 27. 

Don’t be misled by the catchy hook, ‘Changing the World’ delivers a contemporary universal message about each of us doing our small but integral bit. No matter how small the hope, we each have within us the innocence of youth and hope that we can truly make a difference. This soulful message is powerfully portrayed in the head turning music video to be released on the same day. Facebook here.

'Changing the World' starts out simply enough and quickly grows into an extremely catchy song, both musically and vocally. Bright indie pop with some soulful vibes ensures this song gets noticed.


Timewarp inc - Tropicaliente EP.

Background - The long awaited release from the man behind the label is now true! Timewarp inc returns with a killer new release under the name: Tropicaliente EP. Travel your mind, your body and your soul into the exotic places that Timewarp a.k.a Angelos Stoumpos tried to bring in life through his music. The recipe is simple; all three tracks on the EP are under a common root, that's the Dub, the growing plant births the first twigs, yes that's the funk, and finally we can see the leaves; well yes that's the tropical mood, colorful, happy, sweet, alive and organic! Many great artists participating in this brand new release. 

Half French and half Greek Georges Perin appears on the opening Tropicaliente track with his magical English / French joyful "oh mama" vocals, the lyrics were written with his partner Panagiotis Skraparlis. In this song Al The X-King is responsible for the great performing with his Ukelele. While 7x Greek DMC champion, world finalist legend Sparky T gave his great talented skills, he scratched a few special elements on the track. The rising little star Timewarp Junior appears on the track with his little sweet voice, learning the real word! An instrumental version of the track is also included on the release. 

Reggae on Dope is the next stop. Timewarp tried to give a different breath to his music, approaching reggae & funk with a tropical-mediterranean touch. The result is an amazing non-ordinary track. With his silver flute, Tasos Fotiou is the man behind this great performance. He played precisely the theme melody as Timewarp cached it first on the keyboards, but in the end he gave an extra solo performance with a unique character. Al The X-King is responsible for the great Cuban like chords and the smoked dub and reggae muted guitar riffs. At last Mister Kentro performed the accordion melody line as it was written from Timewarp on the keyboards. Well, that's a dope track indeed! 

Dub in Disco is next, and as the title states it, here you can expect some disco style, slow & down-tempo but yet full groovy with a tropical dub style. Tasos Fotiou participated by providing his great style with a heavy sax section theme score build up. Al The X-King did his thing once again with his dub and reggae style vibes all over the track with his great guitar riffs. The result is a floating dance track, with big dub disco beats and grooves. 

Timewarp inc - Tropicaliente EP will be available on May 12th, 2017 for sale in special edition CDR and digital download at timewarpstore and all mp3 retailers. 

Currently there is a generous twelve minute feature for the soon to be released 'Tropicaliente EP'. The EP is fabulous throughout! Tropically inclined reggae that is uplifting and refreshing.


Narrow Waves - Letters From Another State.

Background - Boston band Narrow Waves have just released their new EP, Letters From Another State.

All local city musicians, the sextet came together by two degrees of separation, but at times found each other’s beloved record store days separated by ten years. 

Between the metaphoric lyricism of Morrissey and the stadium-indie flush of Arcade Fire, Narrow Waves found their sound. Through listening to one another they have found their voice.

The group worked with producer Jeff Lipton on the EP, whose past releases include Bon Iver, Ladytron, LCD Soundsystem, The Magnetic Fields, Sebadoh and Soul Asylum. Narrow Waves' debut single "Reducer" was premiered on Vanyaland, who applauded it's "beautiful tension and casual urgency." Bandcamp here, Facebook here.

'Letters From Another State' comprises of five well crafted songs that might loosely be described as Indie Rock. There is plenty of melodic feel across the EP and vocals and harmonies are supported by some fresh, breezy music.


David Philips - Home.

Background - November 2016 to March 2017 David Philips locked himself in his studio and spent the winter months writing and recording new material. Harking back to the full band sound of his debut album, but this time with a grittier sound centred mainly around the electric guitar and his new found love of the drum kit. 

Very much the studio loner David wrote, recorded and produced the whole record himself, playing all instruments and also designing the artwork. David says of the writing process : “With these songs I was experimenting with a new way of writing, something much more spontaneous, organic and immediate, trying my best to keep the inner critic at bay for as long as possible. I was able to centre the songs around what I hope are strong hooks and allowing myself to write with the electric guitar rather than the acoustic gave the songs a different energy.” 

Stylistically sitting somewhere between Ryan Adams and Doyle Bramhall II, yet as ever with his own instantly recognisable sound, Philips mixes pop, blues, rock and a touch of soul on this compact and to the point collection of 8 new songs entitled simply “Winter.” Website here.

'Home' is one of eight songs found on the new release entitled 'Winter'. The song typifies both the quality and superb delivery of each track. Upbeat folk rock, intelligent lyrics and plenty of electric guitar energy makes this a very fine collection of music.


Kate Crash - Blacked Out the World.

Background - Kate Crash's has shared her newest single/video "Blacked Out The World". It follows her previous track/video "How We Play The Game". Both tracks will be featured on "To You Never Again', which is out 6/16.

Kate Crash is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, producer, filmmaker, entertainer, writer and multimedia artist.  In her teen years she made weird art, wrote poetry books, and played in punk and industrial bands.  After graduating from Cal Arts, she moved to Tokyo where she performed her music in surreal street shows and made avant garde films.

When she came back to L.A. she was discovered and cultivated by legendary producer Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire).  Launay produced 3 EP’s for Crash that were released under Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records and George Martin’s Grand Master.  She then released a dance-pop EP that she co-produced with various Grammy winners including Jimmy Harry, Jason Evigan, Ethan Kaufmann, and Ryosuke Sakai. Crash now writes, performs, and produces all her songs which are mixed and engineered by Ethan Kaufmann.

On June 16th Kate Crash’s first full length video album “To You Never Again” will be released.  Written, performed and recorded completely by Crash in her apartment, it combines hip hop beats with dark dreamy pop chorus’s and electric guitars.  It is accompanied by raw, hard hitting videos she created with director Ashley Walters, editor Linda Strawberry and actor Brett Grace.  They were shot two days in and around her apartment in order to maintain the vulnerable, volatile, and homemade feel of the album.  It's about a character hitting rock bottom, which causes them to realize that most of what they believe is just programming from childhood, society, and media. Website here, Facebook here.

'Blacked Out the World' has a dark and moody feel to it, that the video tends to expand on. Kate's vocals add some rock'n'roll edge, providing the song with further intensity. With an album on it's way in June, more of the same will be plenty enough.