Emma Charleston - Majken - Sluka - Sally Caitlin

Emma Charleston - Volcano.

Background - Inspired by the mesmerizing sights and sounds of Hawaii’s fiery coastline, folk singer-songwriter and talented actress Emma Charlestontakes listeners on a magical journey on her new single “Volcano.”

Featuring a track produced by Olly Liu and Taylor Pollock, “Volcano” is a pulsating and dreamy piece of electronic folk that describes the view from high above Hawaii’s ever-flowing lava. “Volcano” is the fourth single from Charleston’s forthcoming EP Enjoy the Ride (June 23). More information on Charleston is available on her official website.

According to Charleston, “Volcano” is the product of an exhilarating experience in the heart of the Pacific: “I was inspired to write it after taking a helicopter trip to see Hawaii’s active volcanoes. The feeling of being so high and floating right over one of the largest lava sites was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I sat in the front with the pilot, so I had a 360 view of this giant mass of lava as it bubbled over and made new patterns in the rock.” Says Atwood Magazine: “Charleston captures that transcendent feeling of leaving one’s body and experiencing life from a cloud. No, you’re not high: This is a different, very mortal and visceral experience.” Facebook here.

'Volcano' is a first rate modern folk song. The understated soundtrack is delicate and refined and allows Emma Charlestons vocals to carry the melody, alongside a feeling of passionate commitment.


Majken - Fainted Love.

Background - LA-based, Nordic indie pop artist Majken announces her debut album, Dancing Mountains, due out August 2017. The LP was produced by Jesse Nolan in LA (Caught a Ghost) and Maxime Sokolinski in Paris (Hologram, Sweaters, Soko). The forthcoming album follows her debut EP, Deronda Hotel, and features five remastered versions of previous EP tracks, in addition to the unheard material. 

Majken wrote and recorded Dancing Mountains on a journey between gritty Los Angeles, romantic Paris and the simple, laid back feel of the Nordic Fjord, where she spent her childhood. Influenced by experimental rock legends such as The Velvet Underground and the sensibilities of master songwriters like Leonard Cohen, Majken creates experimental pop with accessible themes and song structure. Her collection of dreamy songs contain raw, emotive lyrics, cushioned by indie beach rock and a vintage Europop vibe. She's inspired by wild nature, breakfast in bed, the various cities she's visited and called home and the people in those places.

Dancing Mountains reflects on vivid dreams, fond memories and restless nights. Majken's sultry vocal melodies, intoxicating layers of sound and surf rock guitar come together to create an ideal soundtrack for a summer daydream. Album track "Everything's Wild" encapsulates this feeling, inspired by floating wild in a bizarre dream state - not alive and not awake. "A Little More Time," produced by Cody Crump, is about a hazy heartbreak while "Fainted Love" reflects on a summer fling, through rose colored glasses and introspection. All songs were written by Majken, with the majority produced in collaboration with Jesse Nolan and Maxime Sokolinski. "You And I" was produced by Fingazz. Website here, Facebook here.

There is a coming together of indie pop and rock with 'Fainted Love'. It's catchy and pleasing, with just a little rhythmic edge that bolsters the song. Actually make that very catchy!


Sluka - Number One.

Background -  Christopher Sluka – singer, songwriter, musician, and performer – has recorded eleven studio albums and has a fan base that spans across continents. His new album is "Colorful Radiation". All ten songs will be part of a visual album shot in 3D and to be released as a combo 3D, 4K, and Blu-ray package on Amazon late Summer 2017.

Born near Seattle, Christopher enjoyed a multinational upbringing as he was raised all around the world, with his family never spending more than a couple of years in any one location – a life experience that is evident in his cosmopolitan musical compositions.

Over the years, Christopher’s visionary style has developed and matured – always remaining enigmatic, yet keeping a focus on creative songwriting, while cultivating an international reputation for his enthralling "live" performances.

In addition to his uniquely accessible music, Christopher is also a globally renowned visual artist and his surrealistic oil paintings have graced wall space in galleries from New York to San Diego, and Tokyo to Milan. Away from the arts, Christopher is an avid distance runner. And when he doesn’t have his feet on terra firma, Christopher is an accomplished aircraft pilot (Jet type-rated) who is hoping to follow in the footsteps of Bruce Dickinson, the legendary aviator who fronts the world’s biggest heavy rock act, Iron Maiden.

Late 2016 sees Christopher Sluka back in the recording studio, working on new music that will become the backdrop to his two-year aspiration to yet again tour Europe and the rest of the world. That plan will involve the release of a Blu Ray video album of Introversions on November 1st, coinciding when Christopher will be performing in clubs throughout Europe. That will be followed in June 2017 with the release of his eleventh studio album, ahead of a projected festival tour in Summer 2017. Website here.

Sluka is one of those artists that is hard to define or provide a cohesive example of, with just one song. 'Number One' is an indicator of his sound, and an admirable one at that, however this is an artist that deserves to have your curiosity ensure, a little deeper digging takes place. 'Colorful Radiation' is a collection of ten highly individual tracks, that for me pretty much ensures his other eleven releases, need to be explored.


Sally Caitlin - Poison.

Background - Sally Caitlin is a 23 year old singer-songwriter from Manchester, UK, who makes electro-synth pop with heartfelt, autobiographical lyrics.  She began songwriting at the piano at the age of 15 and released her first single, Stuck In Limbo, in November 2015 after completing a degree in Chemistry at The University of Nottingham.

Sally Caitlin’s debut single, Stuck In Limbo, was featured on numerous blogs including Female First, Jesse Hazen Media and the Popshock, with the UKG mix also being featured on Certified’s Soundcloud account.  Sally recorded live sessions for Reload Sessions, which were received very positively.  The deep house remix of her second single, Falling Back Together, was featured on Deep Sounds’ Soundcloud account and received over 68K plays and almost 1.1K likes.  In April 2016, Sally Caitlin performed a set at the iluvlive Manchester showcase, promoting her first three singles and debut EP.  The EP, Not Stupid Anymore, was released in June, with the lead single of the same name being supported by radio stations such as London FM, East Midlands Beats and Heatseeker FM.  Sally is hoping to build on this success with her second EP ‘Experiements’. 

Sally released Take It All, the first single from her the Experiments EP, in November and is currently promoting the release of her new single, Lead Me Down.  The EP is a collaboration with Mansfield-based production duo ‘Electric Bear Productions’ and whilst rooted in pop, ‘Experiments’ takes influences from numerous different genres, such as drum & bass and tropical house.  The result is a varied and mature selection of electro-pop songs with a bit an edge.  Whilst promoting the release of Take It All and Lead Me Down, Sally recorded live acoustic sessions on Unity Radio Manchester, Cat Radio Chester, as well as being featured on Ritetrax music show on Reform Radio.  She has also been played on Redroad Unsigned, interviewed on Chat and Spin Radio and has upcoming live sessions with Fuse Radio Manchester.

Sally can be found performing around the Manchester and Cheshire areas and debuting new material at showcases and open mic nights.  She is currently studying at music college in Manchester and has just completed recording her first full album, which is expected in late 2017. Website here, Facebook here.

'Poison' is my introduction to Sally Caitlin, it's clear that plenty of those who live around Manchester, have already discovered what a talented singer and musician she is. Outstanding vocals are accompanied by a rambunctious rhythm driven musical arrangement, that collectively makes for a superb song.