Astari Nite - Trip to Dover

Astari Nite - The Girl Who Tried.

Background - Astari Nite have released "The Girl Who Tried", the second single from the "Dreams of Majesty" EP out via Cleopatra Records (U.S.) and Danse Macabre Records (Europe). “The Girl Who Tried” is an instant flashback in time, to the late 80’s, early 90’s dark and goth clubs of London and New York. The track is brimming with with the sounds of synths, backed by a steady, upbeat bass and drum line.

While the music of the single is ready to take the dance floors of the world by storm, vocalist Mychael Ghost’s lyrics float eerily over the track, letting the music guide your body while the words speak to the soul. "The Girl Who Tried" is a track heavily inspired by the New Wave dance movement, it's sound being noticeably influenced by acts such as Depeche Mode and New Order.

The track was produced and mixed by Howard Melnick (Guitars/ Programing), and mastered by Rees Bridges, (Dirty Vegas, Pete Doherty and Tears for Fears) who has worked the whole “Dreams of Majesty” EP with the band.

“The Girl Who Tried is a song about regret and closure. It finalises the story that we began in 2015 when we released The Boy Who Tried. When I close my eyes I picture someone praying while saying these words, however I have no clue if these prayers will ever be answered and by whom to say the least.” -M.G.

Astari Nite is continuing their relationship with artist Sandy Holmes (elemental.eyes) for the cover art of the latest EP, which will also embody the ideas expressed by each song on the album. Website here, Facebook here.

We featured Astari Nite three times last year and the new song 'The Girl Who Tried' is certainly worth a share. So far we have stated that the bands music features "tight rhythms and distinct vocals" "high quality post punk or new wave music" and also "layered and refined". So this time lets add, consistently vibrant and good.


Trip to Dover - Fade Into Gold.

Background - A pianist fell in love with a punk girl. People said it wouldn't last. It did. They got married. Then they started a band... Trip to Dover

This Dutch indie-electro duo creates their own brand of alternative dance without losing the edge of a real indie-rock song - Guitar vs DJ. Man vs. Woman. Analog vs. Digital. Or more poetically: "Dave Grohl's twin sister meets a Chemical Brother at a concert of The Naked and Famous."

Trip to Dover is an alternative indie electro duo from the Netherlands that makes driving, melodic songs with elements of rock, 80’s synthpop and DJ-style electronics.

The band was formed in Brighton (UK) by vocalist/guitarist Olga and synth-player Johannes, who moved there after deciding their careers in architecture and politics were not what they were after. Website here, Facebook here.

Some fine rich synths introduce 'Fade Into Gold' and are soon followed by dreamy melodic vocals, and a boisterous rhythm. Put all together and this song is packed with hooks and beauty.