The Sinking Feeling - Broken River

The Sinking Feeling - One (EP).

Background - The Sinking Feeling is testament to the fact that you can take crushing self-doubts and turn them into something else. With three totally unique personalities and backgrounds, the band converge on subjects of depression and loss. Each with their own trials, each member contributing to the unique dynamic that is proof that there is beauty and worth in every tribulation.

Hailing from Glasgow (Scotland), the band has already put out four quality releases including a split tape with Nai Harvest. Their own brand of emo punk music has won them fans across the UK and a strong cult following in Glasgow.

They’ve toured and supported with the likes of Mineral, Make Do and Mend, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), Tigers Jaw, Nai Harvest and many more modern emo stalwarts becoming the name on everyone’s lips in the scene. The Sinking Feeling recently finished recording 'One' with Bob Cooper (Nai Harvest, Self Defense Family, Brawlers, Allusondrugs). Facebook here.

The EP 'One' was released a few weeks back however it has just come our way and is to good to pass up on. The trio deliver a punchy and uncompromising wall of punk sounds, with enough hooks & ideas to keep each track fresh and natural.


Broken River - Me Verses You.

Background - Broken River is releasing a new single "Me Versus You” and is playing a headline show at The Tote in Melbourne on Thursday, 17th August with support from The In The Out and Teenage Dads.

Broken River is a new project driven by Melbourne singer-songwriter Ben Stolz. Ben’s influences are diverse drawing from The Cure to Bruce Springsteen to Swervedriver.   

Broken River alternates as a solo performer or as a five-piece act which also includes Dave Kleynjans (drums), Ryan Adamson (bass), Dave Rogers (guitars) and Andy Ferguson (keyboard). 

"Me Versus You” was a late addition in terms of studio recordings but nevertheless stood out. The song is a dark anthem with layers of woven guitars and pounding drums. It’s the sound of crushing heartbreak and melancholy. Broken River release 'Me Versus You' on Friday 11th August 2017. Facebook here.

Title song 'Me Versus You' is accompanied by two other tracks on the new release, each of which would be very strong contenders for the A side in the glorious days of 7" singles. Overall we are treated to some genuine & passion fuelled music that suggest Ben Stolz can deliver some very fine & timeless rock'n'roll.