Esther & Fatou - Typhoon - Death of Guitar Pop

Esther & Fatou - At Night.

Background - At Night is the brilliant debut single from Esther & Fatou, a folky dream-pop tune perfect for the winter months. Hailing from Leuven, Belgium, the co-vocalists by equal turns charm and invigorate on a track that belies their lack of previous releases in its confidence. Warm, pin-point harmonies are accompanied by a snowy flurry of rootsy instrumentation, delivered in such a way as to retain a modern feel.  

“It’s a song about the way everything is seen in a different light at night”, E&F explain, “the track was inspired by a nighttime walk through the city, when we began to wonder about ourselves and other people. In a very organized society in which everyone is expected to make a distinct contribution, there comes the night: full of chaos, everyone is left with their thoughts, insecurities and secrets. The nighttime raises more questions about existence and faith. By morning; they all seem to disappear’"

Produced by Gaetan Vandewoude (of the beloved Belgian indie-band Isbells) and mixed by Luke Smith (Foals, Anna Of The North, Slow Club) it’s the perfect introduction to Esther & Fatou’s wonderful world of dreamy Americana, combining the joyful and gloomy over 3-and-a-half blissful minutes. At Night by Esther & Fatou is out now via [PIAS] Belgium. FACEBOOK.

Esther & Fatou have merged together natural folk sensibilities with dream pop and the resulting song 'At Night' is a lush and beautiful song. The vocals and harmonies are gorgeous and are supported by some imaginatively crafted expansive and warm music.


Typhoon -  'Floodplains: Wake / Rorschach / Empiricist / Algernon'.

Background - Typhoon have announced their new album "Offerings" which will be released January 12th via Roll Call Records. If a Fellini film, a Bosch painting, and a Rorschach drawing had a collective sound, it would be Typhoon's new release. The 14-track record Offerings is a musical and lyrical excursion into surreal imagery, eerie soundscapes, and an emotionally jarring narrative.

The 70-minute album for Roll Call Records, which is the Portland, Oregon indie rock band's fourth studio album, centres on a fictional man who is losing his memory, and in turn, his sense of self. "I've always been preoccupied with memory, losing memory, and trying to recapture memory. I wanted to explore the questions: What does a person become if they don't know where they came from? What is the essential quality of the person if you strip away all memory?" explains singer/songwriter Kyle Morton.

Motivated in part by his own preoccupation with "losing it," Morton also found a treasure trove of inspiration through various books, art, and film he was immersed in during the writing of this record. "I was watching a lot of David Lynch, and thought a lot about the Christopher Nolan movie, Memento, and Fellini's 8 ½. And there were a lot of books on my nightstand that played into this. It made it a much darker album for sure," he says.

"Offerings" is divided into four movements (Floodplains, Flood, Reckoning, and Afterparty) to represent the mental phases the main character goes through where he first realises that something is wrong, then struggles through the chaos of his situation, and finally moves into acceptance before succumbing to his dreadful fate. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

The band have also announced a run of UK tour dates for 2018.

28th Feb 2018 The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK
3rd March 2018 Broadcast, Glasgow, UK
2nd March 2018 The Lexington, London, UK.

The first movement from Typhoon's forthcoming album (Offerings) is 'Floodplains' which comprises of  'Wake / Rorschach / Empiricist / Algernon'. Crammed with creativity these four songs are a generous taste of January's album setting expectations very high. The bands core genre might be indie rock, clearly however that does not anchor them and the imaginative ideas are present both lyrically and with the musical directions they take.


Death of Guitar Pop - 69 Candy Street.

Background - Essex-based Death of Guitar Pop released their debut album ’69 Candy Street’ earlier this month, and will make their live debut as a 9-piece ska band (taking place at Oslo, Hackney on Friday 1st December).

Death Of Guitar Pop have been sparking huge interest from over recent months, with The Orginal Rudeboy Neville Staple (The Specials) collaborating on their last single ’Suburban Ska Pop', the Bad Manners horn section (aka The Mafia) throwing their hat into the ring to play on the album (and will play as part of the Death Of Guitar Pop live band playing at Oslo on December 1st). and w

With the likes of Pauline Black (The Selecter) and Dave Wakeling (The Beat) give the lads big props on social media. FACEBOOK.

We featured and thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration with Neville Staple in the form of 'Suburban Ska Pop' and with the album just released we have the title track to enjoy now, '69 Candy Street'. It looks likely that those going to the live debut as a nine piece band are gonna have some fun, for the rest of us we have at the least one more tune to leap about to!