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VŌS - Cajsa Siik - Tunabunny - Flamingods - Rudy Stone - Thieves Like Us

VŌS - Patience.

Background - London-based VŌS will self-release their new single Patience on 10th May.

With their influences sat firmly on the electronic and alt-pop spectrum, Dawn and Palmer of VŌS describe their sound as “somewhere between Banks, Sohn and James Blake”. This new track ‘Patience’ is a really strong slice of electro-pop, mastered by John Davis (Lana Del Rey, FKA Twigs, Royal Blood) and mixed by Julian Kindred (Ellie Goulding, James Blake). The pair first came together at a house party jam where they fumbled through a track by shared inspiration, Lianne La Havas and have now been making music for over a year.

Speaking about the track, the duo say: "Patience is about love’s meanderings, specifically when you’re not moving at the same pace as someone. It’s less of an isolated moment, but a moment you’re in because of both your past experiences with others and the present situation. Like all of VŌS’ songs, it is written from a first hand experience." Facebook here.

WAAX - Kacey Johansing - Lisa Marie Ellingsen - Mira Aasma - Us and Us Only - Midday Swim - Everything Turned To Color

WAAX - Wild & Weak.

Background - Vibe-punks WAAX continue their unstoppable momentum, announcing the release of emotional new single 'Wild & Weak', an impressive new five track EP and their biggest headline tour yet. Exploring the 'internal' for the first time, singer-songwriter Marie De Vita says the band's Wild & Weak EP (out June 2) is the result of an intrinsically cathartic process.

"Our first EP was a lot more external - so, it felt like the next evolutive step to explore my inner workings and coincidentally a timely post-traumatic deep-hole started forming within me. These songs are a step by step documentation of what I went through - the steps of finding peace with my past," she says.

Those steps, they're all there.
Step 1. The Denial ('Wild & Weak')
Step 2. The Disorientation ('This Everything')
Step 3. The Pattern ('Same Same')
Step 4. The Discussion '(Nothing Is Always')
Step 5. The Acceptance ('…

Sarah Jane Scouten - Rory Lavelle - Honeymoon Disease - HOTT MT

Sarah Jane Scouten - Bang Bang.

Background - Two-time Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee, Sarah Jane Scouten has announced the release of new album When The Bloom Falls From The Rose on June 16th, including the new bluesy-rockabilly single Bang Bang.

Observant, outspoken, and at the top of her craft, the new album is a luminous body of work; one that shines a light on the wind-whipped highway of Scouten’s life as a gifted songwriter, scholar of roots music history, and travelling musician. With flavours of Lucinda Williams, Nanci Griffiths, Old Crow Medicine Show and a wealth of old-time and bluegrass music, Sarah Jane’s songs are faithful to a long-standing folk music tradition, but often spill over into modern themes that are outspoken and edgy, from homelessness to midwifery to tongue-in-cheek heartache songs and unabashed Canadiana. 

First single taken from the album Every Song I Sing (released in 2016) exposes the classic country soul of Sarah Jane, equally deeply personal and writt…

Rat Fancy - Swirlies - Simone & Girlfunkle

Rat Fancy - I Cant Dance To The Smiths Anymore.

Background - Rat Fancy (ex-Sweater Girls) debut new track "I Can't Dance to the Smiths Anymore" and announce new album "Suck A Lemon" released May 26th on HHBTM Records. Dreaming of a world where reruns of The Adventures Of Pete And Pete are on every channel and kids are free to be as weird as they want to be, Rat Fancy emerges with their fiercely different brand of indie pop. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA—where despite all that sunshine you might choke on the smog and ambition all around you—Rat Fancy is ex Sweater Girl Diana Barraza (vocals/guitar), Gregory Johnson (guitar / keyboard) and Gavin Glidewell (drums).

It’s a six-song EP about saying goodbye to all that, one kiss-off after another, possibly the sweetest collection of ‘fuck you’s ever committed to vinyl. Every track is a killer. Every track is a keeper. It’s the sound of being fd up on pollen and sugar, skidding through a dizzy blissful spring of laughte…

Hermitess - The Charlatans - Pattern Language

Hermitess - Blood Moon.

Background from Hermitess - I’ve just released a video for “Blood Moon”, taken from my upcoming self-titled full length.

I’ve been making a series of artworks alongside the musical compositions: photographs and almost-still videos set against remote landscapes. Each of these settings depict Hermitess as a central figure in a settings that evoke the songs. The Blood Moon video was shot by my friend Tatiana Losev who helped direct the simple performance that the video depicts. The final product is meant to express a feeling: something repetitive, hypnotic, and a tad sinister.

As the name implies, this album came about at a remove from modern life. While isolated in a cabin in northern Michigan, I began to conceive of this character (Hermitess) and a set of songs that would feel at home in the wintry knee-deep snow drifts and creaking trees. Website here, Facebook here.

'Blood Moon' is one of nine tracks on the new album. This is an imaginative collection of…

Yeomans - Chloé - Los Colognes - Alan Getto

Yeomans - Just As You Want.

Background - Yeomans new single "Just As You Want" is out April 30 via NYK. This is a video for anyone who’s ever been sober at a party. It can be a strange and isolating experience to watch everyone getting gradually more intoxicated and their judgement getting cloudier without experiencing the same effects. Sometimes you have to get creative to make it fun for yourself too." - Kieran Heilbron (Yeomans).

Garage rock bands always tend to weigh heavily on the retro vibe and Toronto’s Yeomans are no exception, naming themselves after the hardworking farmers of colonial America. However, their music isn’t quite that ancient. Glimmers of 60s fuzz pedals, melodic surf, psych grooves and reverb soaked vocals haunt the Yeomans’ sound.

The band formed in 2013, during the height of the Rob Ford crack scandal. Guitarist Kieran Heilbron met then Yeomans’ drummer Jocelyn while selling “Rob Ford Smokes Crack” t-shirts to raise money for the Gawker "Cra…

The Human Circuit - Wendy Bevan - Trevor Sensor - Jordan Mackampa

The Human Circuit - Greeves.

Background - “Greeves”, the first single from The Human Circuit’s upcoming album, ‘Electric City’, is the perfect introduction to the band. Combining classic Indie Rock elements like male / female unison vocals and a driving beat with the more eclectic instrumentation of Jazz. “Greeves” touches on Arcade Fire, `a poppier take on Talking Heads and piano rock for something truly unique.

Mat, The Human Circuit, on “Greeves”: “We too often look at love as a singularly defined “thing”. By desiring love, we immediately crave the array of expectations composing our concept of it. How much more at peace would we be if we could narrow our focus to the meanings we use to define love, rather than “love”, in and of itself?”

The Human Circuit is a touring Alternative Indie-Rock band from Austin Texas. Their catchy psychedelic grooves range from the mystic vibes of David Bowie to the intricate arrangements of Arcade Fire. Their most recent album, Frequent Seas (2015) inde…