Locks - Skin (Video Premiere)

Locks - Skin.

Background - The basis of the song is quite simple, it’s referring to inner demons, everyone’s are different and everyone deals with them in different ways. Some people are consumed by them to the point where their life revolves around them. Others fight them every step of the way. Sometimes they’re gone for good and other times they come back, either creeping slowly or rushing towards us like a juggernaut. The song is also linked to a previous track we did, but dropped unfortunately.

We shot the video on an iPhone again, we do all our videos on phones it seems.

The video started off with a very simple idea of inter cutting shots of each of us showing different expressions. Then had the idea of using coins found in a friends’ attic to coincide with the line ‘place two coins on those eyes before they start sinking’. Then this developed into the idea that we could use certain objects that could represent vices or triggers. We also tried to interweave the phrase ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ which represents both that and the constrictions we can place on ourselves, another nod to our inner demons. 

We had a lot of fun videoing this, there’s quite a lot of outtakes too and we got a huge amount of black paint everywhere. FACEBOOK.

We featured this song last month, then along came the opportunity to premiere the video. Now whilst plenty of music sites appear to love plastering "premiere" and other "first past the post" statements across their home pages, Beehive Candy's shoestring arrangements, usually mean that the caveat of demands that often come with such "opportunities" are just to time consuming.

Then along comes Locks - polite, easy going, if it's not to much hassle and so on, and for such a fine song. So lets just repeat our review, leave it at that, put our feet up & go & watch the TV (OK so we are exaggerating for effect).

Last month we stated "Bluesy and with a stripped back musical opening when the vocals and harmonies kick in this becomes a rich and very catchy song. I'm left looking forward to their debut album, and some."