Rich Girls - The Nadas - Quicksilver Daydream - The fin.

Rich Girls - Hit.

Background - Garage/art rock trio Rich Girls share their new track, "Hit," the first single off their forthcoming debut full-length release, Black City. The album was recorded by Travis Harrison at Serious Business, Brooklyn and Sean Beresford at Blighty Sound, San Francisco. It was mastered by John Greenham at Infrasonic. Black City is due out April 6th on Tricycle Records.

Rich Girls return with a heady new pop sound and nine songs that pull their minimal garage into ambitious new territory. Songwriter Luisa Black unveils a new sonic toolkit, adding vintage synths, dark marimbas and ambitious melodies to the trademark Rich Girls verbed-out sound. The songs are awash in contrasts, veering between aggresssion and tenderness with lyrics about insurrection (“In the Street”), a power ballad about post-addiction love (“Wayne”) and the band’s biggest departure yet, a slurry synth-driven track set to a motorik beat (“Hit”). Black channels the zeitgeist of heartbreak in “Blood Brother,” a garage rock obit for America. Since their early releases, Rich Girls have pushed against genre, taking a raw garage sound and pulling it into art pop territory. Here Luisa Black’s complex sensibilities are on full display, with an album that swings hard between pop melody and punk rage. Black City is the first full-length from the NYC trio.

Rich Girls combine the polish of British art rock with the primitive energy of American garage. Dark, melodic, raw by design, the band began as the solo recording project of Luisa Black after the breakup of her San Francisco garage band The Blacks and evolved around a series of dark pop demos Black wrote while living in London. A steady stream of EPs cemented the Rich Girls high/low sound and found a small following in unexpected outposts across the UK and Europe. Often a trio, sometimes a duo, Rich Girls live create a big, urgent sound out of minimal elements. The band is based in NYC. Black City, their first full-length release, is out in April 2018 on Tricycle Records. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

The vocals have a distant and dreamy atmospheric feel on 'Hit' whilst the music gradually adds some layers. Engaging, minimal and smooth flowing, this is a real tease for the album.


The Nadas - Roses.

Background - 2018 will mark the 25th year of The Nadas, who just received the news that they will be inducted into the Iowa Music Hall of Fame this summer! ​They're back and better than ever.

T​he Nadas describe themselves perfectly:​ "Yes, they have been around long enough that if they were a car you would keep them covered in your garage except for sunny weekend cruising. But that isn't what is important about their story. What is important is that they make music that makes you feel things. Happy, sad, nostalgic, optimistic, energized, curious, inspired, and confused".

"The important part is that it makes you want to listen, and sometimes dance. 2018 will mark the 25th year of The Nadas. They just released their new album, the 11th studio record entitled "One Louder". At a stage where most bands would be resting on their laurels and letting others do the heavy lifting, The Nadas are out there swinging for the fences, driving the van and carrying their own instruments.​"​FACEBOOK.

The musical arrangement on 'Roses' has some gentle Americana vibes and the vocals add some passion and depth to the song. One of ten tracks on the new album this is certainly a fine indicator of the bands refined quality, they can and do, up the energy levels or take things further down tempo, collectively the music is fresh and full of hooks, pretty good for an eleventh studio album.


Quicksilver Daydream - A Thousand Shadows, A Single Flame (EP).

Background - Quicksilver Daydream is an experimental psychedelic-folk band led by Adam Lytle. Their recordings combine brooding, surrealistic lyrics with a nebulous mix of mellotron strings, woozy synthesizers, soaring guitars, and reverberating vocals. The band draws from a deep pool of influences, owing as much to early psychedelic pioneers Pearls Before Swine and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, as they do to the compositions of Ennio Morricone and Baudelaire.

Like the true innovators of Psychedelia, Quicksilver Daydream looks beyond tradition, creating a modern sound awash in electronic oscillations and rhythmic evocations. Employing both the mechanical and mythical, the band paints sweeping, symbolic landscapes, conjuring worlds that vibrate between the hallucinatory and nostalgic.

Formed in 2016 as a DIY recording project, the Brooklyn-based band released their debut LP Echoing Halls in June 2017. When it came to interpreting the songs live, Lytle enlisted long-time collaborators, Brett Banks (Bass), Cole Emoff (Drums), and Joey Deady (Lead Guitar). Having cut their teeth together in the band Wild Leaves, their sound crystallized immediately. Tough, tight and together.

In the fall of 2017, Quicksilver Daydream announced the follow-up EP, A Thousand Shadows, A Single Flame (released yesterday). Five-songs recorded live to tape using Lytle’s Tascam 388. Joining them along the way was synth wizard, Glenn Forsythe (Dark North). The record was mixed by Lytle and Mastered by TW Walsh (Foxygen, Damien Jurado).

Where their debut examined the inner workings of the psyche, A Thousand Shadows, A Single Flame is consumed with what lies beyond. From the expanded sonic palette, incorporating drum machines and analog synthesizers, to the energy conveyed via musicians performing live, it’s clear the band has directed its magnetic gaze outward, exploding the concept of their previous recordings on their journey towards a new horizon. It’s a step through the looking glass, a transcendental experience of the world viewed not as it is, but as it feels to be. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

The new EP 'A Thousand Shadows, A Single Flame' comprises of five songs all of which are presented below. Psychedelic folk they claim, and in fairness that's a good a description, I might just make it folk rock as some of the music has that additional intensity.


The fin. - Snow (again).

Background - “This one is about my weaknesses, solitude, pain and defencelessness which get revealed by winter.” In ‘Snow (again)’ Yuto Uchino proves himself to be a landscape painter whose medium is sound. The eerie cold synth lines evoke the feeling of snow on a heavy heart as Uchino’s tender melancholic voice coos through the mix like winter wind through the trees. When the beat drops it’s a moment of catharsis and self-realisation; a kaleidoscopic light shining through the desolate snow-covered earth; a moment of internal epiphany made external through Yuto’s expressionistic production nous. In two minutes Yuto conveys the dichotomous effect of external beauty on a weary and vulnerable soul, making for a poignant and clever piece of music that befits its creator’s ever expanding artistry.

The fin. are a group comprised of Yuto Uchino (vocals and synths), Ryosuke Odagaki (guitar), and Kaoru Nakazawa (drums / bass). To date, they’ve performed to thousands of rapturous fans worldwide at major festivals including Fuji Rock, SXSW and The Great Escape. In 2015, they released their debut UK EP Night Time through Lost In The Manor. Last year’s Through The Deep EP was a cleverly refined follow-up and it prefaced their decision to move to London that autumn. 

Their tenure here has seen them develop themselves artistically through collaborations writing, recording, and touring with a wealth of British artists and producers like Brad Spence, All We Are, Circa Waves, Last Shadow Puppets, Petite Noir and many more. Praise has built quickly around the group and they’ve achieved over two million Spotify plays for their stylish Europhile blend of synth-pop, chillwave and dream-pop, complete with English lyrics addressing universal themes of everyday uncertainties. The Pale Blue/Afterglow vinyl was released on September 2017. FACEBOOK.

The third appearance on Beehive Candy for The fin. albeit over a couple of years, anyhow we now have 'Snow (again)' and the band are certainly maintaining their standards. Somewhere between dream pop and very mellow shoegaze, this is a gorgeous and addictive song that ends to soon!