Sofia Härdig - Once & Future Band - Varvara

Sofia Härdig - Let Me Fall.

Background - Sofia Härdig’s new single “Let Me Fall”, from the upcoming album “Changing The Order” is crafted from new wave, electronica-influenced layered synths, amongst other live instruments, and powerful vocals. Championed by Belle and Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson, Sofia has worked with major Swedish artists including Grammy Award winners The Hellacopters and bob hund. Furthermore, she has collaborated with Yoshimi from Japanese noise-rockers Boredoms and the alternative indie band Free Kitten. Sofia’s experimental nature shines through with her new material that blends new wave and electronic influences.

“Let Me Fall” is a thickly textured, four-to-the-floor synth-focused electronica anthem. Sofia repeatedly sings ‘infatuation’ – each syllable on beat, but reverberating around the track, creating sonic space, drawing vocal influence from 90s house music. Deviating heavily from her previous single “Illuminate”, “Let Me Fall” features synth arpeggios throughout as the main focal point of the song. “Let Me Fall” can be described as fitting with synth-influenced new wave, comparable to Depeche Mode or New Order but the fact that the track draws more influence from 90s dance music makes it unique and a stand-out single.

‘I laid down the bass line for this song using a borrowed, broken, hopeless, but fine old synth during a tour in England. I continued building ‘Let Me Fall’ with other synths and programming, and then brought these recordings with me on tour and added recordings with other musicians I met. Amongst them were a classical pianist in Berlin, a synth player in Copenhagen and a cellist from the opera. John Essing (bob hund) and I recorded the guitar parts in a shed – these parts were added also. I smashed the new recordings into pieces and rebuilt them; deconstructed and reconstructed. At the end, I brought in Jari Haapalainen to produce the song. The bass line from the old, broken synth I used in London, is the main focal point of ‘Let Me Fall’ – a song from London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Malmö.’ – Sofia Härdig. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

Just weeks after featuring Sofia Härdig’s 'Illuminate' earlier this month we now have another track 'Let Me Fall' to enjoy. We described the vocals as intoxicating last time around, this time they are potent and immersed in a fierce synth driven soundtrack that demands our attention.


Once & Future Band - Destroy Me.

Background - Once and Future Band are hitting 2018 with a belly fresh with fire. After attacking the auditory senses of those in need of slick and expertly crafted psychedelic pop with their 2017 self-titled LP release on Castle Face Records; the group has reached into their vault of older material to bring back their Brain EP. The group has teamed up (again) with John Dwyer's label Castle Face Records to re-release this aural gem, which had a vastly limited run in the past.

2017’s “Once & Future Band” landed upon our brains like the birth of a starchild - fully formed, otherworldly, yet comfortingly familiar in its contours…Floyd, ELO, Queen, Steely Dan, and Beach Boys rearranged into an unapologetic poignant pop moment, underpinned by 4 guys that could play their way out of a Faustian bargain.

While we await whatever warlock’s potion they are brewing up next, they’ve pulled a maxi-EP Brain from the vaults for a moment in the sun. All of the mastery you’ve come to expect is at play here; enough chops to make a vegetarian’s mouth sweat, songs that tug at the heart while they play tricks on your mind, and with the steady hand of a of studio wizard sprinkling stardust around the edges just so. It’s out on Castle Face Records March 9th. FACEBOOK.

'Destroy Me' has some timeless pop/rock sensibilities to it, as it drifts amiably along. The comforting vibes, melodic hooks and relaxed atmosphere, make this a play again song within moments.


Varvara - Gone.

Background - Varvara release their new new single 'Gone'. Varvara have unleashed their fourth full-length album ”Go” released under their own Haminian Sounds imprint. The new album ”Go” as a whole is about that moment when summer turns into autumn. This reality hits you right in the face reminding that the calm and relaxation of summer is over. From time to time there is a strong contrast between energetic rock tracks and gloomy lyrics.

Produced and mostly recorded by the band themselves ”Go” offers an intriguing mix of aggressive garage and melodic rock sounds. The album was mixed by the leading underground rock, indie, and punk scene producer in Finland Lauri Eloranta and mastered by Brad Boatright.

Varvara's beginnings were humble, but the band quickly became more than a friendly pastime as demo releases became picked up on by various sections of the Finnish music media. With the help of an old friend Tommi Muhli, Varvara helped establish Haminian Sounds, a collective of musicians which releases music from local acts including Varvara and organizes events to cheer up the small town’s nightlife.

Since then Varvara's output, three albums and an EP, has slowly been recognized as a distinctive collection that harnesses diverse influences into a unique sound. The 2016 album ”Death Defying Tricks” was the bands first release actively promoted outside Finland. The album represented a self-confident band with an exceptional sense of melody amongst a series of quirky details. Combining off kilter rock shapes to straight-up rock, Death Defying Tricks collected nothing but praise in domestic and international rock media. Following the release the band also made their first shows outside the Finnish borders. FACEBOOK.

Our second feature for Vavara's latest album 'Go' this time with the new single 'Gone'. The bands brand of powerful & kicking rock is given distinction by the addictive vocals and a band where every chord resonates with vitality, the album is a good one!