The Tigerlilies - Tallies - TALMA

The Tigerlilies - Contact.

Background - The style set forth by the Buzzcocks, Cheap Trick and The Ramones is alive and well in the hands of The Tigerlilies - Cincinnati’s sole practitioners of post punk power pop.

They have played countless shows around Ohio, serving as support for Violent Femmes, Joan Jett, Paul Weller, Guided By Voices and Superchunk, and attaining a sizable and appreciative following along the way. The past decade has seen the release of many singles and albums on independent Midwestern labels such as Atavistic, Violently Hip and Mono-cat 7, chalking up a total of four full lengths which showcase The Tigerlilies economic blend of punk, 60’s soul and garage rock.

Along the way, someone unearthed their debut record, Space Age Love Songs, which was recorded exactly 20 years ago. The LP was a hit at the time, winning album, artist and record of the year at the Cincinnati Music Awards and landing them a showcase at the burgeoning SXSW Festival. But the band had all but forgot about its release after a traumatic accident, involving a drunk driver hitting their tour van, killed their manager and momentarily dashed their dreams.

Listening back, they were all impressed with the timeless nature of the material. Indeed, their knack for sharp and concise rock nuggets left little room for any dated production techniques. They had always correlated its release with the accident, but with the buffer of time, it felt appropriate to orchestrate a re-release, a 20th anniversary addition if you will, with 6 additional unreleased tracks from those sessions. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

We have featured The Tigerlilies a couple of times before, and I really wanted to mention their 20th anniversary addition of Space Age Love Songs that was released just a few days ago. From the re-release we can share 'Contact' a song that typifies the quality of the albums material, and has passed the test of time very well. What is really pleasing is the calibre of the six previously unreleased bonus tracks, it must have been a challenge to choose what to include and what to leave out from those original album sessions, this re-issue uses the expression "bonus tracks" accurately, they are indeed a real bonus!


Tallies - Mother.

Background - Tallies (formerly Thrifty Kids) is a 4-piece indie pop band from Toronto, Ontario, founded in 2014 by lead singer and guitarist Sarah Cogan and guitarist Dylan Frankland. While studying recording engineering in Ottawa, Cogan and Frankland worked together on a school project for which they formed what was supposed to be a one-time ensemble but turned into a full-time act. After numerous tours to Toronto, the band chose to relocate permanently in 2015 where they moved in together and have been recording and performing steadily ever since.

Frankland initially met drummer Cian O’Neill at “School of Rock Camp” in 2006, where they learned to rock together at the tender ages of thirteen and twelve respectively. Ten years later, O’Neill and Frankland are rocking together on stage again when O’Neill agreed to join the band. Not long after joining the group O’Neill recommended bassist Stephen John Pitman.

Along the Tallies' wave of success they’ve sparked the attention of Bluesfest, CTV, ET Canada, The Edge 102.1, Ottawa Life and many others. Borrowing heavily from previous generations music, specifically 50s doo-wop and 60s harmonies, they have crafted a sound that’s one part modern with a heavy dose of nostalgia.

Whatever they lack in thriftiness they make up for in stealthiness, the way their soothing beach sounds, shimmery guitars and dreamy heartthrob vocals sneak up on you. Frankland now works at Candle Studios with producer Josh Korody (Beliefs, Dilly Dally, Weaves) who is currently in the process of mixing Tallies most recent work. Their newest material features up-beat drum beats, melodic bass riffs, jingly guitar leads, and fluttery lighter-than-air vocals. FACEBOOK.

Tour Dates:
March 01 - The Casbah, Hamilton ON w/ Casper Skulls
March 02 - Baby G, Toronto ON w/Palehound
March 03 - House of TARG, Ottawa ON w/ Weaves
March 04 - Moustache Club, Oshawa ON
March 08 - Windsor Beer Exchange, Windsor ON
March 09 - The Foxx Lounge Rock Bar, Barrie ON
March 10 - House Show, Guelph ON.

With a fresh upbeat tempo and feel 'Mother' is a catchy sixties influenced song, that fires hooks from start to finish. The modern production adds more definition, the gorgeous vibes are timeless.


TALMA - Out To Sea.

Background - The titular track of TALMA’s second EP release, ‘Out To Sea’ is the bands most ambitious cut to date. A song of two halves, it starts as a poignant and melancholic reflection on the concept of mortality before morphing into a dazzling progressive outro replete with urgent guitars that rush through the mix like the racing of a restless heart. As drummer Johnny Harrison explains: "Many of our artistic influences write about death in their music - The Smiths, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd. In my own writing I sought to approach the subject from a positive viewpoint, or at least a bittersweet one.

‘Out To Sea’ is about being comfortable with the concept of mortality, an acceptance that can afford us a sense of opportunity in fleeting moments and a perception of fate that gives rise to purpose. The culmination of the track in the second half instrumental almost expresses the ecstasy that comes with these realisations - we can embrace the absurdity of it all.”

Seamlessly blending alt, classic and art rock, London-based five-piece TALMA command a magnetic sound and presence that comes straight out of the underground scenes of London. TALMA’s raw and unshackled live performances are where they truly run riot. They’ve supported the likes of Queen’s Spike Edney and received acclaim for their intense energy and all-out charisma from London all the way to LA, including praise from industry commentator and author Ari Herstand. Singer Henry Adams captivates attention with a bravado and charm that’s rarely seen among many frontmen, while the telepathic tightness of guitarists Jack Rennie and James Creed, bassist Pete Warren and drummer Jonny Harrison make TALMA an artistic unit to be reckoned with.

Where the band draw direct inspiration from the likes of The Smiths, The War On Drugs and The National, they also incisively employ a musical diversity and dynamic range comparable to the likes of Radiohead and Wolf Alice. The result is a band who operate without creative constraints and who are primed to challenge the seemingly predetermined binaries of modern British rock. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

'Out To Sea' is our third song from TALMA to be shared on Beehive Candy as the band continue to consistently impress. Another well crafted alt rocker, the distinct and addictive vocals are well up in the mix, the bands smooth and capable delivery is notable, the second EP is calling for attention in a powerful way.