Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Atlantic Machine - Honey Radar

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Feel Brand New.

Background - “Feel Brand New” is the third song taken from the forthcoming Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders album ‘Blue Poles’, out May 4 on Self Portrait Records. Capturing the sweet disposition that love can make life’s problems seem insignificant, the track takes a different direction, both musically and thematically from previous single “White Flag”.

“The bones of the song appeared on New Years Day after going to bed sober before midnight.“ Ladder says. “That day my partner and I went for a short bush walk that turned into a 5 hour trek. I was feeling a new chapter turning over.“

Jack Ladder is currently supporting Alex Cameron across Europe and the UK soon after a US run together, and will then have his own headline London show at The Shacklewell Arms on April 17th. Upon returning to Australia he will again join Alex Cameron but this time hitting the arenas as the opening act for The Killers on their national tour in April and May, following on from the band declaring themselves fans. Soon after that he will launch ‘Blue Poles’ with The Dreamlanders in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in May. 

Blue Poles will be the fifth album from one of the most singular characters in Australian music. Sentimental and mournful, sardonic and surreal. Jack Ladder brings that towering and tender baritone to bear on tales of beauty, love, hope and redemption. A master of musical narrative, he conjures lyrics that celebrate the absurdity and sincerity of the human condition in songs that groove in subtle ways. WEBSITE.

We featured 'White Flag' just over a month ago and the new song 'Feel Brand New' is another stunning song. Slow paced, atmospheric and with Jack Ladder's definitive and enticing vocals, the production is sublime, the new album cannot arrive soon enough!


Atlantic Machine - I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend.

Background - London duo Atlantic Machine have announced the release of new single I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend released on 6th April along with a video for the track. Debut album Mosquito will be released on 18th May.

Atlantic Machine are Producer and Grammy award winning Engineer Jim Lowe (Stereophonics, The Dandy Warhols, The Charlatans) and Vocalist and Guitarist Tiffany Page, who first met in the studio before forming their own musical partnership.

The pairing sees the baritone voice of Jim mixed with Tiffany’s raspy tones to create a unique new wave sound. New single I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend follows recent single Automatic and is a tongue-in-cheek upbeat track that builds with a compellingly dirty guitar riff to an alt-pop chorus. The video, featuring both Jim and Tiffany, is the perfect match to the track. The band say;

“"This song is about people that have pissed you off or hurt you and you now don't care about. Relationships consumed in arguments. This song was written with the humour of these situations, rather than the bitter taste people get left with.” WEBSITE.

Less than a month since we first featured Atlantic Machines they are back with 'I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend'  another impressive song that's is more than worthy of a share. This time we have a catchy rhythmic rocker, where once again the vocal duet adds distinction, as the duo up the power and pace.


Honey Radar - Psychic Cruise.

Background - Are you ready to go on a Psychic Cruise, my friend?  Well strap in. Yet again, Honey Radar.  What can you possibly say by now that’s not totally redundant at this point?  Lo-fi master-class pop handyman rock sketches in the vein of Pavement or Syd Barrett.  Questions?  I didn’t think so. 

“Psychic Cruise” is the third proper single that Chunklet has been fortunate enough to release by the Philly band and is streaming now on Self-Titled.  More splayed noise.  More reverb.  More racket.  More hooks.  Repeat.  Five new jams.  Never heard before.  New Honey Radar will always be celebrated at Chunklet HQ. 

We’re told that next in the Honey Radar series will be a Fall tribute single featuring Chunklet’s Henry Owings.  What will they be called?  Henry Radar.  Coming Fall ’18. WEBSITE.

The psychedelic sixties meets modern times head on with 'Psychic Cruise' a fabulous albeit short blast of Honey Radar.