Levity - David Philips - Kathryn Berry

Levity - Dreamers of the Night.

Background - Imagine the lovechild of Tom Morrello and Anthony Kiedis whose favorite uncle is Jimi Hendrix; this is Levity. 

Dreamers Of The Night , the new single by Levity is to be released 1st June.  The track showcases the band’s raucous but opulent energy, a hard edge with lashings of soul and funk.

Brighton’s beat dropping, slick licking outfit Levity will be joining South Africa’s fuzzy pop Early Hours for UK shows during May and June.

Packing out a string of headline shows across the UK, being championed by the BBC, appearing on multiple festival stages, Levity are a rock combo free from pretense, oozing with energy and excitement of a band rising. TWITTER.

UK Tour Dates | May / June 2018
15/05  London, O2 Academy Islington
19/05  Liverpool, Shipping Forecast
07/06  Bristol, The Thunderbolt.

Punchy, packed full of energy and a whole load of funky beats, 'Dreamers of the Night' is a feast of potent rock vibes with a good portion of hooks that dig in and demand another play.


David Philips - Friends Like You.

Background - David Philips continues with his D.I.Y. approach for this his 7th album to date and his 6th on Black And Tan Records. Infusing Blues, Soul and Americana, he plays all the instruments on the record and also produced and recorded the album himself, as well as providing the hand drawn artwork. 

"Get Along" has a more upbeat and positive slant in terms of the songwriting compared to previous releases and although a full band sound is featured on most tracks, Philips still manages to keep things raw, organic and centered around his voice and acoustic guitar playing. 

With 8 new songs, 2 reworkings of old Philips classics and 3 acoustic demo bonus tracks, "Get Along" is the culmination of a lifetime of music making and music appreciation, showing how Philips continues to mature as both a performer, songwriter and producer.

This new record will be released digital now and later this year (September) we will follow with a physical release containing some more bird artwork from David. SPOTIFY.

From the brand new 'Get Along' album I have chosen the track 'Friends Like You' to feature. It is a splendid acoustic piece with David Philips rich and engaging vocals accompanied by a refined musical arrangement, what's more it typifies the quality and addictive nature of the album.


Kathryn Berry - So You're Goin' To California.

Background - As they say, there is a story in every song and Kathryn’s latest single release, 'So You’re Goin’ to California', is no different. But here is a story we think pretty much everyone can relate to.

"My partner and I had been fighting for weeks (I can’t remember why, just the stresses of life…). My brother had invited me to his birthday and the date was yet another source of conflict between us.  But  I guess the whole storm of arguments leading up to the day made me just want to say, “f it all”, I’m going back to a time (in my head) when none of this mattered. " So what happened?

"So, I decided to just go with it and have fun for the night, wherever it took me. I stayed out all night with a random stranger. In truth, he was a perfect gentleman but the whole incident actually made my partner wake up and see me again. Or maybe I just felt attractive again and he saw in me what he’d loved from the start."

It turns out the song was an effortless write after that. When she returned, Kathryn sat down with her producer and wrote it in one session. They both loved it from the get-go and then Kathryn decided to call up her old friend, Denise Truscello, in Las Vegas. "Denise is a celebrity photographer and one of the co-founders of Wire Images. She is best known as Celine Dion’s personal photographer. The last time Denise took photos for me she fit me in between J Lo, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. So I hopped on a plane and we shot the video on the way from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, guerrilla-style: no permits, no script.  All the people on camera agreed in the moment to participate, which seemed appropriate, as the song came from an event of the same making." And that’s how ‘Goin’ To California’ was born. FACEBOOK.

'So You're Goin' To California' is a bluesy indie rocker that quickly builds with power and emotion. Kathryn Berry's vocals are melodic and edgy enough to fit perfectly into the rock & roll environment, doing so with commitment and feeling.