The Astronots - Skye Wallace - Boo Boo Davis

The Astronots share a feisty and powerful rocker softened only by the more melodic layered vocals. Skye Wallace keeps the momentum going with a tornado of pure rock and roll, with storming vocals to match. Boo Boo Davis has been featured on Beehive Candy accompanying The Electro Blues Society, now we have some fresh material from him, where his superb blues vocals and musicianship can be sampled with five songs from the forthcoming album.

The Astronots - Settle Down.

The new single from The Astronots. ‘Settle Down’ narrates the feeling of anxiety and being trapped inside yourself. Featuring resonating guitars, throbbing basslines and eerie layered vocals the track truly packs a punch.

The Astronots are an American rock’n’roll outfit, spearheaded by its founding members, Niko Giaimo (Vocals/Guitar) and Allee Futterer (Vocals/Bass). The two are established musicians in their own right. Futterer has had years of cutting her musical teeth, backing some of the biggest names in the Los Angeles music scene, while Giaimo was an integral member of the scoring team behind productions such as Dexter and Dishonored II. The two come together on The Astronots, combining elements of their quintessential Los Angeles upbringing, classic rock, and west-coast cool. Now completed by guitarist Eddie Campbell, the group continues to wow audiences across the nation.

Inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Alabama Shakes and Kings of Leon, the trio have crafted an EP oozing with gritty guitars, explosive percussion and raw energy. The highly anticipated Cotati is brought to life through its organic instrumentation and authentic lyricism. “We really wanted to capture something honest. The songs cover a variety of issues.. school/public mass shootings, anxiety, drinking, love, pain, passion, cheating.. I think we managed to create individual genuine stories in each song. I think the theme would be honest perspective on many of life’s challenges”, they reveal.

Leading single ‘Settle Down’ narrates the feeling of anxiety and being trapped inside yourself. Featuring resonating guitars, throbbing basslines and eerie layered vocals the track truly packs a punch. ‘El Dorado’ further showcases the band’s signature sound of rawkus rock’n’roll with vibrating soundscapes and raspy vocals.


Skye Wallace - Coal In Your Window.

I wrote this song in a building in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland that used to be an old cottage hospital (Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital / Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Center). It was inspired by a story I heard about one of the young folks that used to work in the hospital and the boy that would throw coal at her window at night to beckon her down to their meeting place in the boiler room.

“Coal In Your Window” may be about a specific story, but it’s a truly universal concept of jittery, passionate love and doing whatever it takes to access that fire that another person ignites in you. I wanted to evoke an excited, dangerous, lustful energy that gets the heart pumping.

I’m so excited to put my new record out. It’s been a long time in the making – between writing it during two residencies in Newfoundland and the Yukon, and recording it in Toronto and Montreal. I am fiercely proud of the result. We’re going to tour the heck out of it this year to make sure it reaches as many ears as possible!


Boo Boo Davis - Tree Man.

After a string of single releases of famous blues covers on KuvVer Recors it’s now time again for Boo Boo to release a new and ‘all original’ album.

Like most of the previous recordings with Boo Boo we captured everything live in one room without any overdubs.

Ten brand new songs and one new version from a song that was released earlier in 2002.

The title of the new album is TREE MAN and it will be out on Black and Tan Records just before the upcoming European tour in March 2019.