Bjørn Tomren - Ynys - Chickn

Bjørn Tomren third track release from his upcoming album ‘Bad Science Fiction’ is 'Hiroshima Mon Amour'. The song itself is beautiful, the dual vocals wonderful, enjoy!

I have said it before that music transcends language and 'Mae'n Hawdd' from Welsh artist Ynys more than reaffirms that opinion I feel, this is a splendid song.

'Infrared Panda Club' from Chickn is something else, even the promo calls it "bizarre" it's also a highly addictive psych piece, that's simply uplifting.

Bjørn Tomren - Hiroshima Mon Amour.

Bjørn Tomren has released the third track ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ from his upcoming album ‘Bad Science Fiction’, which is due for release on 20th September via Norwegian powerhouse Propeller Recordings (Dagny, Highasakite, Sløtface and more). After accidentally announcing on a national radio show that him and his partner Åse are expecting a baby, the release of ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ is a token of apology to Åse, to compensate for the early, unexpected annoucement!

‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ follows suit of Bjørn’s previous singles of intriguing, poetry-like storytelling, telling the tale of a man’s bus journey through a winter’s landscape after the festive season; contrasting the merriment of the season with an illustration of lost love and desolation.

Bjørn says of the track “it was one of the first songs I wrote for this project. I got the idea about a guy riding a bus through a winter landscape, from a play by Jon Fosse called Sonen (the son)” which he heard on the radio one day while walking the length of Norway.

The hauntingly beautiful single was inspired by a film of the same name from
1959. Bjørn explains “The movie portrays a man and a woman who spend 36 hours together in Hiroshima, a decade or so after the war. They both have experienced loss and grief, but they handle it differently - a new love and relationship for the woman is impossible.”


Ynys - Mae'n Hawdd.

‘Caneuon’, the debut single by Ynys, succeeded in establishing this new project by Dylan Hughes, former member of Race Horses, as one of the most exciting sounds breaking out of a rejuvenated and confident Welsh music scene.

His new single was originally written about 5 years ago following a midnight coastal walk. This was the first song he had recorded for years, and it sets a cinematic backdrop of the midnight moon and mist over the rolling waves.

Featuring long time friend Mali Llywelyn on vocals, the song was recorded with a mixture of 80s sequencers, 70s string machines and melancholic harmonies. Lyrically Dylan created a nostalgic black and white movie scene set in West Wales in 2013!

The themes of soul searching, transition, travel and isolation feature, interspersed with an uplifting chorus. It is about letting go and understanding that everything is easy when you know how.

Ynys has a full summer and autumn on the road playing at different venues and festivals including Sŵn Festival in his adopted home city of Cardiff.


Chickn - Infrared Panda Club.

Chickn announce the release of their third album. "Bel Esprit" is due out on October 18 via Inner Ear Records. The follow-up to last year's "Wowsers" sees the Greek psych-heads exploring a variety of different styles. From blues-rock to synth-prog and beyond, "Bel Esprit" will generously provide you with all the touchy – feeliness you'll ever need. It will be hidden inside intimate voices telling distant  stories, cosmic whistles or even in the form of cadenced grooves from outer space.

"Bel Esprit" was recorded between March and June of 2019 in Athens, Greece engineered by       Nikos Triantafyllou and Iraklis Vlahakis, produced by Angelos Krallis & Chickn.

"Infrared Panda Club" is the first offer of Chickn's  third LP "Bel Esprit", track-listed third on the album. A truly bizarre yet uplifting song that popped Angelos, the band's guitarist and Vocalist, out of a nightmare some months ago and furled into the smallest club into this world. It's nothing more but an Infrared, meaning when not using a filter the club behaves like a normal club with no special characteristics. Alike Panda bears, it involves gallons of water. Feel free to join the Club!