Cass Clayton Band - Bridal Party - Radio Drive

Cass Clayton Band released their new album entitled 'Play Nice' a few week back and it's well worth us catching up on it. The musical influences that inform the bands direction include rock, soul, funk and blues which ensures plenty of variety, more importantly the new collection of music has plenty of melodic hooks and is delivered with quality, passion and style.

We have already featured a couple of tracks from Bridal Party this year ahead of their 'Too Much' album release, and now we have the full album to enjoy. Their goal of making music they like is all apparent, as is their ability to write and perform exceptional, imaginative and notably creative pop songs.

The sixth full album from Radio Drive is 'In The Light'. Packing a fine collection of indie and alt rock tracks, the bands unpretentious natural rockers are determined and catchy throughout. 

Cass Clayton Band - Play Nice (album).

"Play Nice is an ironic title for this album, because I wasn't really playing nice in the writing of these songs. That's a departure from the norm for me, because I've always been careful to make sure people feel comfortable. I have a triple decker filter before my thoughts hit my tongue. I didn't want to do that with the music, so I stepped away from the comfort of being liked and said what I needed to say. I believe Play Nice turned out to be more expressive, vulnerable and sensual. Even the rock-based songs have an underlying message. I definitely feel overexposed, and maybe that's the way an artist should feel. Hopefully putting it out there without a filter allows other people to feel a little freer as well."

Cass Clayton Band has become known across the region for its tight chemistry and high-energy stage presence, a reputation that has landed them on some of the best stages, shows, festivals and radio shows in Colorado and beyond. Their unique blend of rock, R&B, funk, blues and soul has a distinctly contemporary feel, and has won over audiences across age groups and genres. Cass’s 2018 album (released June, 2018) won 4 songwriting awards and garnered top reviews from magazines nationally and internationally. They were also recently voted Album of the Year 2018 in the Colorado Blues Society Members’ Choice Awards. In addition, Cass has been voted as one of the top 3 slide guitar players in Colorado and top 2 vocalists (CO Blues Society Members’ Choice Awards). In February, 2019, she was featured on the cover of Recording Magazine with a 4-page feature article. Known for a uniquely soulful and velvety vocal style, Cass effortlessly moves from gentle and contemplative to a belting range that will knock you flat.

In 2019, Cass Clayton Band is shaping up to be an exciting year. Cass was recently invited to be a voting member of the Recording Academy, and the band is headlining for numerous festivals.  They will be joining Tab Benoit on the main stage at the Brighton Blues Blast, headlining Denver Arts Festival (50,000 attending), Art Night Out  in Lafayette, Stargazers Theatre Summer Series in Colorado Springs, and co-headlining Dickens Opera House with Grammy nominated, Brigitte Purdy.


Bridal Party - Too Much (album).

Victoria, BC art-pop quintet Bridal Party have always had the goal of making pop music they like. Now with the approaching release of debut full-length Too Much (on Kingfisher Bluez) the band find themselves at a critical moment: as songwriters and collaborators presenting their personal vision.

Principal lyricists Suzannah Raudaschl and Joseph Leroux formed Bridal Party with bassist and producer Lee Gauthier and drummer Adrian Heim in 2015. Jordan Clairmont joined on keys in 2017. Their initial EP release Hot Daze (2015) found chart success on college radio and some modest but promising support through placement on Bandcamp Weekly. Their second EP, Negative Space (2017) charted well and lead to six-figure streams of lead single Fruitless on Spotify. Beatroute (BC) magazine describes Bridal Party as “a perfect marriage of indie pop and soul.”

The band recorded Too Much over three separate week-long immersive studio visits in 2017 and 2018. This disparate recording process would ultimately undo and reform everything the band knew about their sound. A playful and unflinching lyrical voice was honed, drawing on themes of care and self-love as well as their sombre opposites. Each players’ particular handle on their instrument resonates without tuning out the chemistry of influence the members enjoy with one another.

The resultant record is a vibrant collection of songs of uncanny intimacy, thriving from experimentation in studio that remains honest to the band’s live set. Whether it’s the confessional lyricism and feathery textures of “When I’m Naked”, the plaintive riddle and bedlam of “Armour”, or the celebratory disco of the title track, Too Much shines a light on the band’s interior joys and terrors in equal measure.


Radio Drive - In The Light (album).

The 6th full album release by Radio Drive, featuring Kevin Gullickson, is titled "In The Light".  Released earlier this month, the album is already receiving massive indie radio play and rave reviews.

Radio Drive is an Alternative Pop Rock band featuring  Kevin Gullickson.  As the engine behind Radio Drive, Kevin has won international awards and nominations for his songs and music videos. 

The music of Radio Drive is being aired on radio around the world alongside major artists and is receiving rave reviews by music critics.  He has been featured on web zines and radio shows in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Kevin’s music has landed on charts on indie stations around the world, including Canada, Germany, the UK and the South Pacific.  His music has been used on shows airing on Animal Planet, National Geographic, History Channel, NBC Sports, Fox Sports and Discovery Channel and other TV programs around the world.