Hundreds - Four Star Riot - The Fatbirds - Lynne Hanson - Tess Anderson - Tex Moonlight

Hundreds have just released 'Body Of Water' a crisp and rhythmic electro pop song where the vocals add melody and a personal feel to the piece. === It's been a while since Four Star Riot last appeared here, the good news is that they are back with a new single entitled 'Wrapped Up' a striking and vibrant indie rocker. === Originating from Belgium The Fatbirds latest track is 'Leaving Tonight' and it's fabulous song that packs emotion whilst drifting somewhere between indie and singer songwriter in style. === Lynne Hanson latest song and video is 'Long Way Home' a mixture of Americana and bluesy country rock, her vocals are wonderful and the song is laden with natural passion. === From Tess Anderson we have 'War Paint' where the mixture of alt pop and personal feelings are notable on this very engaging ballad. === As we have said on numerous occasions Beehive Candy is always on the look out for originality and genre defying songs, so Tex Moonlight latest 'Roll You Up' ticks a few boxes with it's coming together of Americana and Electronica, it's a very fine song as well (a case of last but not least on today's round up).

Hundreds - Body Of Water.

‘Body of Water’ is the latest offering from electro-pop band Hundreds. The single is, according to lead singer Eva Milner, “an ode to the spirits of the water and its power”, something mirrored in its serenity as much as its lyrical sense of impending threats. It was written with cult Berlin-based, Irish songwriter Wallis Bird, “without whom,” Eva confesses, “I never would've found that chorus”, and finds the singer turning to images of nature – as she does frequently on upcoming album The Current – to reflect on the peace which the sea can bring: “They uncover my core, my truth… Our childhood memories are filled with days of running around,” she explains, "being creators in the wilderness. Nature is like a relative to us.“

‘Body of Water’ is a follow-up to the single and video for ‘Ready Shaking Silent’. Both tracks will be featured on Hundreds’ fourth and upcoming album The Current which is set for release in 2020. This will be Hundreds’ first release since their previous album Wilderness in 2015.

The combination of a never-nostalgic love for the original pioneers of electronic pop and a refined understanding of today’s most thrilling innovators has earned Hundreds a reputation as one of Germany’s most successful indie acts, something particularly significant for a band with a female singer. Initially galvanized by the work of artists such as The Knife and Thom Yorke, then spurred further by the likes of Grizzly Bear, Cinematic Orchestra, Son Lux and St. Vincent, what has emerged is something defiantly their own – reinvented and refined in their own image.

The Current finds Hundreds testing new approaches and embracing fresh techniques, it represents their most digital recordings to date. Its elegance, sophistication and poignancy are emphasised by Philipp Milner’s painstaking attention to detail and sleek production skills crossed with Eva Milner’s dazzling melodies.


Four Star Riot - Wrapped Up.

Four Star Riot have a new single, Wrapped Up. This is a song about balancing the distractions of modern life like social media, politics, pop culture with a deeper sense of purpose and satisfaction. This is the band's first new music since Daylight (2018) LP.

A while back the band had this to say about themselves on their Facebook page - In an age where everyone seems to be shouting, music that affords you some space to take a step back and ask questions feels relevant. For indie pop-rock outfit Four Star Riot, the answer to some of the most pressing questions of the day is to first admit that maybe none of us has The definitive answer. Frontman and principal songwriter Steve Alex certainly doesn’t have it and he knows it. He wants you to know it, too. On the band’s last album Daylight, Alex’s uncertainty about the way forward for all of us is perhaps more pronounced than ever. But Four Star Riot know that being inviting is a good — and increasingly crucial — place to start.

Before Alex used his first tax return money to buy a 4-track recorder at age 16, he was weaned on a diet of pop music that was somehow both accessible and nutritious: Prince, Tom Petty, David Bowie, Bonnie Raitt, —- songwriters so devoted to their craft that they made it easy not to notice just how much love, finesse, and effort it took to write a song that people will remember and feel compelled to hum or sing out loud for as long as they live. For Alex and his bandmates, there is no more noble calling, and they approach it almost as a responsibility. Accessibility, for them, is not a dirty word, and “pop” doesn’t mean the same thing as “bubblegum.”


The Fatbirds - Leaving Tonight.

The Fatbirds are an up-and-coming pop band originating from Belgium. Consisting of members Sarah, Stef, Bob, Dries, and Brecht, The Fatbirds seeks to create music that will make people connect with the world and feel every note, lyrics, and rhythm.

Their music is inspired by Sarah’s dreams, the lead sound will engage anyone due to their relatability and simplicity. Rising like a meteorite in the Belgian music scene, The Fatbirds have a versatile sound that will encapsulate anyone around the globe and differentiate them from many other artists.

Inspired by different genres, artists, and experiences. Aiming to play the biggest festivals and top the charts, The Fatbirds are here to stay and are set to leave their imprint in the music scene.


Lynne Hanson - Long Way Home.

Lynne's deep bluesy croon is pure and full of fortitude; too tough for folk and too blues influenced for country; her 'porch music with a little red dirt' can turn on a dime from a sunshine, blue sky ballad to a full-on thunderstorm of gritty Americana swamp from one song to the next. This hard-living style of music has drawn comparisons to Lucinda Williams, with a touch of Gillian Welch thrown in.

Lynne's seventh studio album, Just Words, produced by Jim Bryson features several fellow established Canadian musicians including Kevin Breit, Catherine MacLellan and Justin Rutledge. Lynne describes the record as more than a break-up album -

“I still love a good heartbreak song, but I think the world is desperately in need of more kindness, more tolerance, less aggression, and more compassion”

The album addresses issues such as verbal bullying (Just Words); a desire to be more accepting of one another (Clean Slate) and wanting to rise above and find peace (Higher Ground). The first single True Blue Moon, is an infectious, uptempo, tongue-in-cheek response to the Jacques Brel classic 'Ne Me Quitte Pas', about the perils of falling for a poet and just how rare it is to find true love.


Tess Anderson - War Paint.

War Paint is an emotive ballad that brings a strong message of personal empowerment. Tess is taking a step forward presenting a new alternative-pop style with deep and compelling lyrics written straight from the heart. She is set to release her debut EP by the end of 2020.

Tess Anderson is a singer, songwriter, and music producer based out of Vancouver, BC. Songwriting and performing since the age of 12 in her hometown of Victoria, BC, she is trained as both a pianist and a vocalist and brings her jazz background to the world of alternative-pop music.


Tex Moonlight - Roll You Up.

South Bay-based singer-songwriter Tex Moonlight specializes in his own marriage of Americana and Electronica, coining the term ‘Americonica’ to describe his unique sound. Blending glossy technologies with traditional instrumentation and classic song structure seems to come naturally to the dignified Mr. Moonlight, who is quick to admit, “Nothing turns me on quite like getting a whacked-out break-beat looped under a pedal steel.”

Tex grew up in Baltimore, and thrived in the eclectic local scene where the blue-collar population mixed with underground hip-hop heads and the punk/hardcore community. It was here, where he first began to touch upon the combo of roots music and modern production, experimenting with his own fusion of Neo-Folk and futuristic postmodern Blues - a sound that fell somewhere between Phosphorescent and Flaming Lips.

After fronting various acts along the NYC-DC corridor, Tex began to feel comfortable enough in his own skin and to share his material and began work on his debut album, Moonshot, with producer and engineering guru Dave Nachodsky (house sound for Keb Mo’ and Bonnie Raitt) at his Invisible Sound Studios in Baltimore.

Beyond the fearless sonic qualities inherent in his soundscapes, Tex is equally as raw and exploratory with his thematic dealings. Songs such as “Soft Blue Lights” and “Smoke Signals” reveal an unwavering commitment to deal with his insecurities in a public forum, often examining his own mortality through a kaleidoscope of memories of loved ones departed. “Nostalgia can linger like ghosts in your psyche,” Tex asserts. “But I wouldn’t consider these reflections morbid...these days I’m swimming in gratitude.”