Grace Gillespie - Zoe Polanski - Shem Sharples - Zachary Kibbee

Grace Gillespie makes her fifth appearance here with 'Empty In The Capital', we've described her music as creative and beautiful in the past, so have some more of all that, with the new song. === Zoe Polanski shares 'The Willows' which is a delightful mixture of dream pop and ambient soundscapes. === Shem Sharples just released 'Clear Crystal View' where his distinctive and energized indie folk is irresistible. === Zachary Kibbee has a double A side out which kicks off with a potent rocker 'Somewhere To Put My Gold' accompanied with  'Come Back' and a gorgeous bonus track that could be a single in it's own right.

Grace Gillespie - Empty In The Capital.

Grace Gillespie is a London-based artist and producer originally from Devon, who spent much of 2017 touring as part of the live line-up for 4AD’s Pixx. Her first two singles found their way onto Spotify’s ‘Fresh Folk’ playlist and received extensive support from Apple Music, appearing on their ‘A-List’ and ‘Best of the Week’ playlists.

Grace’s sound takes influence from the folk, psych and dream-pop traditions, providing a backdrop to her intriguing vocal melodies, shifting harmonies and introspective lyricism, as heard on her new single “Empty In The Capital.”

I wrote my new song, “Empty In The Capital,” just before lockdown about themes that were coming up in my own life. Then suddenly, Covid is here and we are all sharing in my isolation, fear and frustrations. I don’t like London at the best of times and the idea of being stuck here was almost scary to me.

The track very much follows the pattern of a day for me. Much of my time is spent trying to reassure myself through rationalizing and acceptance, heard in the song’s verses, coupled with outbursts of inward frustration that I express in the choruses.  I think it’s a pattern we have all been through throughout lockdown. We are trying with all our hearts to make the most of this gift of time and be ‘grateful for the day’ but then realizing that we are sipping coffee and trying to create (or just get on with work) while ambulances are filing past. - Grace Gillespie.


Zoe Polanski - The Willows.

We have the new single of beautiful ambient dream pop from Zoe Polanski. “I wrote ‘The Willows’ after spending a few months far away from home, traveling with a guy across the U.S. It was a surreal affair I had with a musician which I really admired, and it ended painfully. When I returned to Israel, the 2014 Gaza conflict started, and I remember being stuck in my room, which was on a rooftop in Jaffa, hearing long sirens and then explosions over my head. I recall being conflicted between empathizing with the civilians in Gaza and southern Israel while at the same time longing for being as far away from this as possible. I longed to go back to those magical days of traveling, and writing the song kind of helped me do that. Years later I recorded a demo of it on a 4-track, and then played it to Aviad when we met. It was the first song we ever worked on together.” - Zoe Polanski

New York-based record label Youngbloods presents Violent Flowers, a glistening collection of Experimental Dream Pop from Israeli singer, songwriter, and film composer Zoe Polanski. Written in collaboration with producer Aviad Zinemanas, Violent Flowers uses Polanski’s tranquilizing voice as a guide across a vibrant landscape of inner musings that reflect her visual, and often cinematic, approach to songwriting.

Born to a musical family in the tense northern city of Haifa, Polanski sought from an early age an escape from everyday life through music, first learning cello then piano and eventually guitar. In contrast to her family's affinity for jazz and world music, Polanski was drawn to the entrancing and transportive effect of ethereal, lo-fi sounds. After her obligatory service in the IDF, Polanski moved to New York City to record with the band Katamine and enrolled for a summer course in cinematography at the School of Visual Arts. Becoming enraptured with music’s ability to enliven a visual scene, she returned to Israel settling in the liberal, multicultural hub of Tel Aviv and started her new project named after the renown Hungarian avant garde filmmaker Béla Tarr. Like the project’s namesake, the music was imbued with a sense of slow cinema verité, juxtaposing dark lyrical observations against the surreal aura generated by spacious, floating guitar lines soaked in reverb.


Shem Sharples - Clear Crystal View.

British singer-songwriter Shem Sharples has  joined forces with bass powerhouse Thor Brown to create his  beautiful new single Clear Crystal View. The song is an indie-folk gem that portrays an uplifting and joyful outlook on  the world, more important now than ever.

From the first line, “Sunlight sparkles in the  champagne afternoon,” Shem sets set the scene to the song’s  positive message. He unites smooth, swirling vocals with  captivating lyrics to take us on a journey as we celebrate the end  of a dark regime and welcome in a bright new adventure.

Clear Crystal View is the first single taken  from Shem’s upcoming album ‘Strange Sounds from the Wreckage’ due  to be released on September 25th. The whole album  showcases Shem’s talent and love for using masterful lyrics to  create a narrative of his surroundings and a true view of the  world, Clear Crystal View is no exception.

The album unites the talent of Shem and  lifetime friend Thor Brown to create a masterpiece. The pair have  been playing together since 2014 and have built up a tight act  which allows them to perform live as a duo and share their unique  sound with fans. An uplifting lyrical adventure starts here…


Zachary Kibbee - Somewhere To Put My Gold / Come Back.

Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California, Zachary Kibbee’s childhood was surrounded not by music, but by sports. Though the melodies of The Eagles and The Backstreet Boys could be heard from the car, thanks to the musical tastes of his mother and sisters, Mike Piazza, Vin Scully, and baseball were what inspired him. The music bug bit him at 14 when he traded in a cracked baseball bat for a new bass-guitar and started jamming with friends from the neighborhood. Not long after, he was playing in his first bands, one of which opened for B.B. King at The Abbott Kinney Festival in Venice, CA at the age of 17. After getting his feet wet in the local LA bar scene and on small tours around the Pacific Southwest with his band Stonefeather, Kibbee decided he needed to carve his own path in the music world, combining his love for blues and classic rock with more modern elements from bands like Sublime and the Red Hot Chili Peppers who also brought a SoCal flair into the equation.

He enlisted friend, mentor, and producer Joseph Holiday, and together they recorded his first EP, Little Clocks which came out in 2014. Notably one song, "My Own Two Feet" was used by Microsoft for their Surface Pro 3 commercial nationwide. From there the duo would go on to create music together on a weekly basis, and what came from it was his first album Songs From The Mud, released in 2016 as well as several other singles.

Since then, Kibbee has branched out as a songwriter, recording artist, and producer collaborating with up-and-coming and established artists, even Grammy award winners, around the world. His songs have been used in over 100 television shows, films, and commercials since 2014. His music can be heard in advertisements like Victoria’s Secret, Volkswagen, Microsoft, and Uber Eats, and on television shows like Ray Donovan, Daredevil, Lucifer, Shameless, and The Night Shift, for which he wrote the theme song.

After several tours of the West Coast as well as one national tour, Kibbee set his sights across the pond and has had 2 successful tours of the UK and Sweden to date. His latest album Life In Low Fidelity will arrive July 31, 2020 worldwide. It is a hard-hitting, yet tender rock record that is surely a huge step forward for Kibbee musically, bringing in more modern elements to his already established gritty, bluesy style.