Sarah McQuaid - Karen Myatt - Blake Dagley

Sarah McQuaid - The Tug Of The Moon

Today a new video for “The Tug Of The Moon (The St Buryan Sessions)” has been shared. Sarah tells us "I was inspired to write it by the “leap second” that we had to add to the New Year’s Eve countdown back in 2016, in order to compensate for the slowing of the earth’s rotation caused by the moon’s gravitational pull."

As with the rest of the album, the track was filmed by Cornish filmmaker Mawgan Lewis and second cameraman John Crooks as it was being recorded live in St Buryan Church.

Born out of the pandemic, The St Buryan Sessions is the sixth solo album by award-winning multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Sarah McQuaid, and is her most powerful and emotive offering yet.

The album had its genesis in the spring of 2020, when Sarah’s gigs and tours were cancelled due to COVID-19. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, she was able to finance a live solo recording(sans audience) in the lovely medieval church of St Buryan, not far from her home in rural West Cornwall.


Karen Myatt - Goodnite.

Canadian songstress Karen Myatt has released the second single/video from her sophomore album Femoir. Goodnite is the second in a series of singles/lyric videos to roll-out over the coming months.

“As we bid adieu to 2021, Goodnite is a fitting and timely au revoir; bon nuit, bons rêves” shares Myatt. “A gentle and haunting lullaby to remind us that drifting off to dreams brings relief during troubling times.”

Co-written by Myatt and Montreal composer J. Rimbaudelaire, Goodnite is one of several original compositions to appear on the new recording. Femoir’s 14 songs are a fusion of soul, rock, jazz, worldbeat, and more.

The album was tracked at The Sonic Temple Recording Studio in Halifax, NS and engineered by Darren van Niekerk. It was mixed and mastered by Christian St. Germain at Studio 360 in Montreal, QC.

Some of Canada’s most renowned musicians appear on the new recording, including Chris Mitchell (saxophone), Matt Myer (trumpet), Lisa MacDougall (keyboards), Adam Fine (bass), Geoff Arsenault (drums), Shimon Walt (cello) and Jennifer Jones (violin).



Blake Dagley - Ain't Going Down Like This.

Why Travel When Blake Dagley’s “The Nashville Sessions” Takes You Straight to Tennessee. Take a look inside the emotional smash debut EP that’s sure to make any music lover feel something

What better way to end 2021 than to reflect on the previous few years that we’ve all experienced? After arguably the most emotional time our world has ever seen in decades, Dallas Based singer-songwriter, Blake Dagley, turned all those emotions and struggles with social and emotional anxiety into head-turning music that’s sure to make you think all while singing along to his undeniably ear-catching melodies and relatable lyrics.

“The Nashville Sessions” was recorded with Producer Dean Miller at Sound Emporium Studios & OMNIsound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. The EP contains 3 powerful, soulful/americana style songs that tug at all the heartstrings. Between Ain’t Going Down Like This, Paradox, and Milly, and with themes like doubt, anxiety, choice, and hope listeners are sure to relate to the lyrics in a variety of ways.

Dagley plans to promote his first EP “The Nashville Sessions” with a whole new visual element. Dagley will release three videos in support of the new EP to gain listener recognition and attraction while increasing his fan base.

"Ain’t Going Down Like This" is a song written to my anxiety and insecurities. After the invitation to come to Nashville, my anxiety came creeping in, and I began to doubt the reality of the moment. I sat down on my back porch (which is my happy place) and began to write a song in response to the doubts and fears that I was feeling. Ain’t Going Down This is a song for anyone with doubts, fears, and anxiety and wants to punch it in the face and tell it; you don’t control me.