Carmody - Chew Magna - Amitida & Alberto Merelo - Skinny Lister

Carmody - Hurricane.

London based singer, songwriter Carmody releases new single "Hurricane", lifted from her upcoming debut album Imperfect Constellations. Out 6th July via Young Poet, the album features collaborations with Alfa Mist, Tom Misch, Conor Albert, and Laura Misch.

In matters of healing, we often don’t know how much we are carrying until we truly pause to take stock. Carmody has long been using music as a way to uncover her subconscious, examining the complex web of relationships that surround her. In the face of memory and generational grief, Imperfect Constellations is split into four main parts (or 'Constellations') and draws on her own experiences of alternative therapy, entering a world of discovery and recognition.

Co-written and co-produced with Avi Barath (Berwyn, Priya Ragu, Pa Salieu) and Calum Duncan (Alaskalaska, Rachel Chinouriri, Jones), new single "Hurricane" opens Imperfect Constellations in magisterial and captivating fashion, paying homage to a specific family member, painting her character into full tumultuous vision.

“My Grandma once told me that she doesn't dream, and that if she does, it’s not in colour. I was just like wow, that line has to go in a song,” Carmody laughs. “We have a strange relationship, because she's quite a difficult, but very loveable woman. She’s quite rude, she's really crass, she's got a lot of love but she can't often feel it. It's about me trying to get through to her, but also recognising that I feel like I am quite like her. I wouldn’t call it depression, but I struggle with sadness, and there’s a lot of sadness that she's had in her family that she's just carried. That hurricane feeling; I feel like I carry some of that too.”

Over the years, Carmody has crafted a sound that fits her well, complimenting her lyrical dexterity with melodies that evoke the timelessness of Joni Mitchell and Joan Armatrading while nodding to the modern alt-folk of Laura Marling and Big Thief. When Carmody began work on Imperfect Constellations, it was this sound that she was aiming for, rich in detail and emotional substance.

Commenting further on the release of "Hurricane", Carmody said: "I am very close to my grandmother, she is the matriarch of our family and the thread that holds us all together. She looked after me a lot when I was younger and taught me how to sing. She is quite an unusual character. I think she struggles to live in the present and acknowledge the love that orbits around her, we are quite similar in this respect. This track explores my frustration with her, and with myself, to appreciate the things we do have, rather than what we’ve lost."


Chew Magna - 4232.

Further teasing their forthcoming self-titled debut album, Manchester’s most raucous, riff-fuelled jam band Chew Magna are getting philosophical with newest release ‘4232’ – an anthemic eruption pounding to the traditional teaching of ancient thinkers, in pursuit of freedom. 

“Lyrically, ‘4232’ is a joyous song about existential freedom, perhaps even alluding to the concept of authenticity,” tells the band’s singer and nominated spokesperson, Laurie, of the track’s inspiration. “The song stems from the wisdom of German philosopher, Martin Heidegger. He said, to be human is to navigate the correct way to live in the world when most things occur without reason or are the result of an accident. Ultimately figuring this out, he says, leads to a more authentic life because you can question expectation.” 

Serving up their own alt-rock antidote to lifelessness in the modern age and delving deeper into the band’s poetic and philosophical fascinations, ‘4232’ is powered by Chew Magna’s tried and tested approach to ‘spontaneous’ song writing. Melding ideas together in the former furniture warehouse where they rehearse, melodies emerge from endless instrumentals and boundless imagination to capture the raw emotion of live performance.

Selected from the Chew Magna album sessions recorded with SWAYS producer Martin Hurley in The White Hotel, Salford, ‘4232’ hurtles along with a chorus akin to alternative Sonic Youth tuning. Playfully screwing with structure, added instrumental ‘choruses’ embrace elements of Krautrock, Post Hardcore, Punk, Noise Rock and Shoegaze as Laurie calls out; “You’re running cos you can’t slow down / You’re running cos there’s time to save / Running cos you figured it out yeah / Running cos you can’t be late.” 

“Sonically, 4232 is our most intentionally shoegaze track to date,” Laurie tells. “Its title comes from the weird timing parts in the verse, although we changed it so the numbers are wrong and don’t suit the structure… it should really be called 4323!”


Amitida & Alberto Merelo - Closure.

Amitida Is a 18 years old Singer Songwriter from Iran. An inspiring artist with her catchy lyrics and top line vocals. I love working in different genres such as (rock,electro pop ,house ,dance indie/pop) but currently I’m focusing on Electro Pop House and Dance Music. Music is my passion it’s what’s inside me and Since the age of 13 I have been songwriting and singing . In the last few years I have also been learning production.

I had been using a vocal coach to help me with my performances and to help me find my true voice but everything else was completely self taught. My musical inspirations and the people who make me want to do music are Adele and Taylor Swift they are amazing artists. My biggest fan and supporter is my Dad helping me and encouraging me to follow my dream. Recently being signed to Happy Sounds Productions in London with the first Single “Tricky Boy” produced by BOI SYCO. With more release to come from these two in the coming months. 

Also working with other artists from the label on other projects the 2nd single to be release is “CLOSURE” with Alberto Merelo. The duo are also working on another project together, to be released in 2022 I plan on working with different producers and artists and regularly release music on streaming platforms also performing live at gigs and showing the world what i have to share. 

Alberto Merelo is a Uk based Music Producer/Composer born in Cádiz (Andalusia, Spain) in 1990, Starting his music career at the age of 17 When he learnt how to produce and compose music by himself. Starting in the hip hop genre and making tracks for different artists, He then begun to produce in different genres such as Rap, R&B, EDM, Pop, Reggae, Dance Hall, Reggaeton and other Latin music genres. Since coming to the Uk Alberto is working as a social worker and has a Masters in Studies and Intervention in Inmigration, Development and Vulnerable Groups from the University of Huelva (Andalusia, Spain). 

Starting his own music production company in 2017 called 'Greedy Game Muzik'. Working with lots of different artists and genres. Also working on his own album hopefully to be released late 2022. In 2021 Alberto was signed to a London based record label Happy Sounds Productions Ltd where he has started working with different artists from the label. The first release will be a track called “Closure” in collaboration with the amazing Amitida.


Skinny Lister - Like It's The First Time.

“Like It’s The First Time” is a chipper cut from the band’s latest album ‘A Matter of Life & Love’, a raucous record that pays homage to all the greatest things in life.

The exultant song celebrates the thrill of being on the road with a gang of your best mates, set to a foot-stomping beat, dizzying melodies and elating vocal harmonies. As frontman Dan Heptinstall says of the track: “‘Like It’s The First Time’ is a well-trodden ode to life on the road as a touring musician. The travelling, the shows, the hangovers and, most importantly, the connection with the friends and supporters of the band that we get to hang out with along the way. That feeling of often being so far from home yet so utterly at home.”

Creating the mood and atmosphere reminiscent of the final moments of a rowdy night out — when the bar is closing, eyes are blurry and you have a fuzzy feeling in your stomach whilst you jump around to a forgotten throwback track blaring on the radio — “Like It’s The First Time” took on a more bittersweet undertone when touring and “good times with good friends” were put on hold. Something that they were also keen to capture in the official video accompanying the track. As Heptinstall adds:

“It’s a track made all the more poignant for us in the wake of the pandemic, which saw us take a lengthy break from touring. It's been great to be finally back on the road ‘doing it all over again’. The video perfectly mirrors the images I had in my head when writing the song. It’s great to have such memories captured this way, and serves as a reminder to look forward to those we’ve yet to make. Bring it on!”