WILDES - Rowsie - Dan Pallotta - Syd Warwick

WILDES - Far and Wide.

WILDES just announced her debut album 'Other Words Fail Me' will be released on 7th October via AWAL. Produced by St Francis Hotel (Michael Kiwanuka, Little Simz) the album will feature previously released tracks "Lightly" and "Woman In Love" and this weeks newly released single "Far and Wide".

The solo project of London-based singer/songwriter Ella Walker, WILDES' music sonically falls somewhere in a Bermuda Triangle of Angel Olsen, St Vincent and Mazzy Star, embedded within an entrancing skeleton of folk songwriting, all the while lifting the listener up on a storm cloud of cinematic electronics and her sharp, honest lyricism. Citing the influence of PJ Harvey, Patti Smith and SASAMI on her new album, WILDES notes - "They are unapologetically honest women and musicians. They gave me permission to come out of the box I'd been cowering in."

New single "Far and Wide" is released today alongside a new video directed by WILDES herself, with the music deftly showcasing her stronghold of emotional clarity. Specifically focusing on the importance of friendship in early adulthood, "Far and Wide" unites a delicate swell of electronic atmospherics, churning muted guitars and WILDES' serene vocal.

Of the song's lyrical inspiration, she said: "Far and Wide is a celebration of friendship. It reflects the madness and uncertainty of early adulthood and the constant change and turbulence we all go through. After neglecting them for a long time, I realised how constant and secure my friendships had become. They saved me, melting away my shame and holding me when I couldn’t cope. Banding together against our shared, frenzied existences, it dawned on me that these loving and intimate friendships were more valuable than any boyfriend had ever been. The constant support and unconditional love of these people is the reason I am here today. So this is a love letter to those friends who saved me - I would do anything for you."


Rowsie - Gaslight.

Rowsie [pronounced rosy] sound like a car crash between Lou Reed, The Replacements and Dinosaur Jr, while listening to the best indie rock mixtape you made when you were seventeen… or still are. It was an idea sowed a long time ago in New York - but got lost due to the need to pay rent. Now, the rent is paid and Rowsie has been quietly building a buzz around central London and beyond. No longer an idea, just a whole lotta Rowsie.

Just back from a Spring tour of Mexico in support of Freddie Cowan of the Vaccines the band are on fire, and a full LP looks likely for 2022 amongst lots more live shows and a residency at The Social in London along with their residency at Sixty Sixty Sounds, Denmark Street. 

This June saw the release of their second EP, four noble rock n roll anthems for modern times. Set closer and epic six minute plus beauty ‘Gaslight’ leads the charge while EP title ‘Searching’ and two other titles ‘Love So Clear’ and ‘Legs Of Sand’ implore you to further fall for this vagabond group of misfits conjured from what may be the ghost of Tom Petty.

If you’re not already acquainted Rowsie are an English baroque pop singer-songwriter, a Canadian filmmaking composer and one of London’s coolest teenage jazz drummers along with Brooklyn’s belated rock star Richie Rothenberg. They all were playing in different scenes, different genres, different genders, and different cultural generations. They make no sense together at all! But when they play together magical music alchemy ensues.


Dan Pallotta - Charity Town.

Massachusetts-based folk singer-songwriter Dan Pallotta is sharing the second single from his upcoming LP, American Pictures, out October 5th.

“Charity Town” connects directly to his career as a philanthropist, where Pallotta is sometimes asked to speak for local community foundations in towns that have lost their major economic drivers.

This track reflects empathetically on the resilience and loss endured by citizens of these towns, who Pallotta describes as “the people left behind when the future has moved on.”

Featuring percussion composed by Pallotta’s fourteen-year-old daughter, “Charity Town” is a rousing yet intimate piece of storytelling folk, capturing the reality of the circumstances that have befallen these communities.


Syd Warwick - Mercury.

Vancouver-based musician Syd Warwick released her latest single, “Mercury” yesterday, with a video directed by Nathalie Taylor. The track is featured on Warwick’s upcoming debut EP, Sad Astra, out August 26 release via Nevado Music.

Discussing the track, Warwick stated, “‘Mercury' is a journey through the grief that comes with processing family trauma, and the difficulty of having to cut ties with people that you love. Even though there’s fear, uncertainty and pain within the process of letting go, there’s also a first step towards empowerment—the kind that comes when we face the world as an individual, belonging to no one but ourselves.

‘Mercury’ is about being your own advocate, understanding the cyclical nature of abuse and trauma within a family system and remembering that you are so much more than where you come from. It serves as a reminder to put yourself first, else you may never be able to move forward and become the person that you’re meant to be."

For Warwick, songwriting has shaped her into the person she is today. Writing songs is how she expresses herself and processes the world. Creating Sad Astra has been a progression through healing, as she worked on older songs whose production eluded her and new songs that pushed their way into the world through her creative process. The hardship Warwick experienced in this creative endeavor was amplified by the difficulties of working during a global pandemic and uncertainty about whether or not the music industry would come out okay on the other side of it. For Warwick, being in a room with a friend to record these songs was one way through those hard times and to see them released feels like a triumph.