Heavy Gus - Roofman - Splitting Edges - Nervous Twitch

Heavy Gus - Paracosm.

California-based indie/rock trio Heavy Gus just released their debut album Notions. Available everywhere through BMG, the collection of songs blur the lines between grungy garage band fare, hazy desert surf, and dreamy, sun-soaked indie rock.

The group also shared the official video for "Paracosm," a powerful visual that shows singer/songwriter/guitarist Dorota Szuta's recent pregnancy through time lapse. "Inspired by Ursula K. LeGuin and a low-grade fever, this song is the outstretched hand grasping for answers to deep questions, and is ultimately a reminder of how beautiful it can be to remain empty handed," she stated. "One thing that helps me move through times of hardship is remembering how small we are. Being alive is purpose enough."

Formed in the high desert town of Bishop, CA, Heavy Gus is led by songwriting couple Szuta and multi-instrumentalist Stelth Ulvang (The Lumineers) along with percussionist Ryan Dobrowski (Blind Pilot). The band took shape during the pandemic when couple Ulvang and Szuta (a marine scientist who also has a background in music playing with Laura Gibson and Gill Landry) took a socially distanced road trip to Nashville — picking up Dobrowski in Colorado along the way — to record at Creative Workshop. The result is a poignant offering that Under The Radar called “genuine live-wire indie rock sound.”

Their debut offering calls to mind everything from Meat Puppets and The Breeders to Yo La Tengo and Acetone in its artful balance of hope and fatalism, loneliness and desire, strength and vulnerability. While all three bandmates came to Heavy Gus from very different worlds, they fit together like puzzle pieces, bound by the kind of love and trust that can only grow from years of deep kinship. Notions was engineered and mixed by Parker Cason (Margo Price, All Them Witches, Coin) and mastered by Pete Lyman (Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile).


Roofman - Fly Off, Fall Down, Come Back.

Some songs need the glitz and blitz of big city life, the concrete jungle and the urban drama, drenched in white noise. Others simply a forest, the serene whisper of the wind in the leaves. 

It’s not hard to guess which world Thijs van der Meulen alias Roofman is coming from. The reason his achingly beautiful upcoming debut album “Still The Mess I Was” sounds so big and glorious is that he decided to record it in Hamburg’s analogue heaven, Clouds Hill studio (a.o. The Killers, Peter Doherty, Elbow). The trees and the streets, the calm and the storm: Roofman is a man of contrasts.

With "Fly Off, Fall Down, Come Back" Roofman celebrates his real debut. The absolute contrast to the soft-washed 2:30 standard mush, this is an epic 8-minute track in which sound and songwriting are absolutely in the foreground.

This song was engineered and recorded live to 24 track magnetic tape by Johann Scheerer and Sebastian “Muxi” Muxfeldt at Clouds Hill Recordings, Hamburg, Rothenburgsort. Mixed by Johann Scheerer. Mastered by Chris von Rautenkranz at Soundgarden Mastering. Drum tech by Herr Schmidt.



Splitting Edges - Your Waves.

Splitting Edges are a two-man band with roots in Southeast London and St. Albans. Bringing raw lyrics, punk energy and a unique sound to the indie-rock genre. Their latest single 'Your Waves' is a light-hearted and soulful love ballad written when the duo were finishing college. The song is about an unconfident boy who meets a polar opposite and finds himself falling for the “it girl". He thinks she has everything together until he gets to know her and realises she’s got just as many problems as he has. But when they’re together their troubles are all but forgotten.

“Splitting Edges are all about exploring new sounds that represent our generation and the times we live in. Our sound is defined by our experiences in life - from these experiences, we have an arsenal of details and stories to talk about in our music. For me, it’s almost like the songs are all pieces of a bigger picture.”
- Lydon Peacock

This single comes off the back of their successful 'Sympathy Smoke' EP and single 'Bleak Mornings', which saw Splitting Edges further develop their unique spin on rock and indie sounds to the world. Recently signed to DMY Artists we are proud to showcase and facilitate their rise to certain stardom.


Nervous Twitch - We Don't Care.

It's pretty hard to put into words but I'm gonna try, but seriously I'm still way excited to be working and bringing this new album by Nervous Twitch on the awesome UK label Reckless Yes to your attention. I've been following Reckless Yes for a few years and have become a big fan of not only their roster but also the way they do business and how they treat others and create a solid inclusive community, so working with them is a big honor. 

This new album by Nervous Twitch is like a guide to UK and US indiepop and indierock with nods to Mambo Taxi, Huggy Bear, Modern Lovers, Television Personalities, the Pixies, Sleeper, Ash, Lovely Eggs, Dressy Bessy, and even a bit of Swearin'. I could go on and on, but I say just check out the fsecond single "We Don't Care" which debuted at God Is In The TV. If you want a promo copy hit me up, but you can stream or download the album below. The band are up for doing mix tapes, features, guest editor spots, you name it, and we have a few exclusive still up for grabs so seriously like reach out. ~ Mike 

Nervous Twitch—talk about a perfect band name! Listening to their fifth album, Some People Never Change, it’s hard not to notice the nervous energy of front woman Erin Hyde’s vocals. Nervous Twitch built a solid reputation for songs that bristle with punk energy, mixing a vibe that also incorporates girl group passion, post-punk angularity, and even the occasional surf guitar cool.

Some People Never Change offers up a baker’s dozen tracks that deal in attitude and the personal. “We Don’t Care” takes on critics with a snarl, “What The Hell” takes on the frustrations of modern life, while “The History of The Wild West” deals with escaping the world for a less stressful one. But it’s not all anger as an energy; “This Mad At The World” is a ballad that show you can relate your frustrations in a gorgeous, acoustic ballad. “You Never Let Me Down” is a delightful love song with a girl-group vibe, while “Forgive Yourself” offers up a meditation in self-forgiveness.