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Dance Lessons - Luke Warm and the Cold Ones - Bad Hammer - Hunting - Julia Jade - Melissa Carper

Dance Lessons - Wet Batteries / I Like Lies. London-based trio Dance Lessons share double A side single ‘Wet Batteries / ‘I Like Lies’, mixed by Andrew Maury (Lizzo, Shawn Mendes, Kimbra, Lewis Del Mar) in NYC. Dance Lessons are a female fronted and produced band, made up of Ann, Tom and Nat. Blending alternative pop, electronica, disco, soul and jazz, the trio create their own genre that they’ve coined ‘Serrated Pop’. They create music for fans of the likes of Little Dragon, Porij, SAULT, and Jungle, whilst embracing influences from further afar with nods to icons such as Massive Attack, Bjork and Rosin Murphy. Dance Lessons are the product of an actual dance-off between Tom and Ann at a house party back in 2019, after Tom took the crown with a slut drop, the pair got talking and established that they shared a love of disco, soul, jazz, alternative and pop. From this, Tom invited Ann along to the new project he was starting with long-time friend and collaborator, Nat and thus, Dance

Guise - Karen Harding - Derrero - Dear Misses - Quivers - Nervous Twitch

Guise - The Boy And The Thief. Following the release of Guise ’s debut album Youngest Daughter earlier this year, the folk fourtet are confirming its long-awaited release on vinyl today Friday (9 September). Commemorating the release, the band are delighted to present a new tour video for Youngest Daughter’s magnificent opening track: ‘The Boy & The Thief’. A song that according to lead vocalist Jessica Guise “appeared like a snowball to the face”, so too does it burst from the blue with a supercharged sense of adventure. With its lyrics delivered at a breathless pace, ‘The Boy & The Thief’ envelops the listener in a tale of love and luck that will resonate with anyone who has ever been waiting for their numbers to finally come up in the lottery that is life. As Jessica explains: “Sometimes writing a song is like carving a sculpture or fishing by the side of a very still lake, but sometimes it’s just like being given a present that you have to unwrap really really quickly befo

Worldcub - Abby Sage - Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds

Worldcub - Look Through The Keyhole. Worldcub share new single ‘Look Through The Keyhole’ and announce concept album  ‘Back To The Beginning’ & Accompanying EP Worldcub invite you into the time warp of their pulsating new single ‘Look Through The Keyhole’ on the 21st of October, a hypnotic, West Coast tinged, surf inspired jaunt through past lives and memory. The track is part of a concept titled Back To The Beginning, a collection of tracks which has since developed into an album of the same name slated for release in 2023 and a supplement EP titled BTTB Series 1 released on the 4th of November via Ratl Records. Worldcub’s Dion Hamer adds "...’Look Through The Keyhole’ is about a magic door to a time warp where you can step into a past life. It’s all about revisits, we do it all the time, we revisit our passions, memories, old haunts, old Elvis collection, last night’s Pizza, it’s never the same experience. The song in itself is a revisit, the first version of the track was

The Little Unsaid - Laure Briard - RoseWood

photograph by Pete Millson The Little Unsaid - Vibrant Life. Fable is the mesmerising and powerful third album from South London based 4-piece The Little Unsaid, introduced via its first single Vibrant Life, an intense stream of consciousness reminding us not to lose momentum, imagination, and curiosity in these dark times. The Little Unsaid have always evaded categorization, blending on the new record an expansive multi-instrumented post-rock approach to song structures; touches of jazz’s improvisation; an earthiness that hints at folk and roots influences: and a dramatic art-rock edge heightened by frontman John Elliott’s intense delivery (with a hint of the dramatic that nods to John’s other works as a composer for stage, with his music featuring in Cruise currently touring the West End). The Little Unsaid’s incredible live energy (with the band having played countless UK/European tours and festival appearances, including a set at Glastonbury 2022), has been harnessed on Fable with

Siv Jakobsen - Deux Furieuses - The Steele Syndicate - Laveda

Siv Jakobsen - Romain's Place. Acclaimed Norwegian singer-songwriter Siv Jakobsen announces her third album 'Gardening' will be released on 20th January 2023 via The Nordic Mellow and shares new single "Romain's Place". The new single follows recently shared tracks "Birthday" and "Most Of The Time" - all of which are set to feature on new album 'Gardening'. Throughout her career, Siv Jakobsen has lived much of her life on the road, in that time supporting and touring with acts including Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Damien Jurado, José González, The Lumineers and Susanne Sundfør. New single "Romain's Place" was written in the midst of one such tour, inadvertently re-opening a door she'd previously thought firmly closed. A starkly beautiful examination of a previous relationship haunting one's subconscious, Jakobsen's precise and affecting lyrics ("For every time you screamed my way / I’ve kept a bruise /