Tom Jenkins - NUTANA

Tom Jenkins - Products of the Western World.

Welsh singer-songwriter Tom Jenkins has unveiled a new video for “Products of the Western World”, ahead of a string of UK live dates this Spring/Summer. A hazy, languid track that swings from discordant to dreamy in a beat, “Products of the Western World” also features legendary guitarist Marc Ford of The Black Crowes on slide guitar.

Of the new track, Tom explains: “”Products of the Western World” is like my theme tune to the end of the world or the closing credits. It’s a song of depressing, serious subject matter played out in a joyous, almost bluesy, Gospel, Ben-Folds inspired manner, that it throws you from the idea of how messed up our world really is.”

“Products of the Western World” is taken from Tom Jenkins’ expansive and exploratory recent studio album, out now, via Xtra Mile Recordings. ‘‘It Comes In The Morning, It Hangs In The Evening Sky’ is the singer-songwriter’s follow-up to 2019 solo debut ‘Misery In Comfort’.

Recorded in the depths of lockdown, Tom started tracking the album in a disused barn on an old laptop with just one microphone and a 2010 version of GarageBand. Realising he was completely out of his depth, he turned to lifelong friend and producer Todd Campbell and the pair began to turn the collection of songs into a full-length album at his studio in South Wales.


NUTANA - Nutana (Album).

Sam Corbett tells us the following about his superb new album released under the monika NUTANA. "You may know me as the drummer from The Sheepdogs, and you may or may not know that I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2018. My treatment left me too tired to drum, so I had to bow out of a couple tours with The Sheepdogs. At home and unsure of what to do, I started playing the piano and writing the songs that became my debut album, released last Friday April 7th under the name NUTANA."

Sam continues "My songwriting was an attempt to cheer myself up and maintain a connection to music during a time when I felt untethered. "Ave H Blue" is about that period of time in my life. Given the subject matter, I went for a calm and reflective vibe, and musically it lands somewhere between Fleetwood Mac and Gordon Lightfoot.

When I was first diagnosed, I understood that testicular cancer had a high survival rate, but I didn't know yet if it had spread throughout my body. So it was still weighing heavily on my mind, and that's why my diagnosis and treatment play such a large role in the songs on this album.

At the same time, I wanted the lyrics on NUTANA to be a little more subtle, and to speak to more than just other cancer survivors. A lot of the songwriting I like is open to interpretation and I wanted to allow my songs to have that space. Sometimes the most personal stuff can also be the most universal. This album has also allowed me to grow a lot as an overall musician, which is something I’ve been able to take back to my role in The Sheepdogs."