Ålesund - My Name is Ian - William The Conqueror - Sneakpeek - Krooked Kings

Ålesund - Rode Off Into The Sun.

Bristol-based alt-pop outfit Ålesund release their single 'Rode Off Into The Sun', today May 12th 2023. The second single to come from their upcoming EP, Rode Off Into The Sun is a triumphant, up tempo, galloping tune that is made for summer months.

Fronted by the ethereal vocals of British-Norwegian singer-songwriter Alba Torriset, Ålesund's sound is a fusion of dreamy pop hooks, atmospheric soundscapes and alternative rock riffs, which have drawn comparisons to the likes of Kate Bush, Florence and the Machine and London Grammar.

Lyrically, Rode Off Into The Sun reflects on the admiration held for a character who knows her worth, who picks herself despite any adversity and makes the best out of any situation.

“I was so impressed by a friend who had been dealt a rough hand and instead of wallowing and seeing the glass as half empty, she just dusted herself off and charged on with making the best out of her life. It was inspiring to witness and became the main theme of the song”, says vocalist and lyricist Alba Torriset.



My Name is Ian - Thank You.

‘Thank You’ is the latest release from the Cardiff-based band, My Name is Ian. The track is released today May 12th and is a tribute to the people who have supported them over the years, drug smuggling, Stephen Mulhern and falling in love.

‘Thank You’, is the first track from the band’s upcoming 8th studio album: ‘GO BANANAS GO BANANAS GO BANANAS GO BANANAS GO BANANAS’. The record will be full of the trademark blend of catchy pop melodies, witty lyrics, and infectious energy. Songs about hating your life, loving your life, Norwegian families, coconut crabs, 90s television shows, feeling like a loser, not trusting the government and Peppa pig. There is something for everyone.

Creatures of Cardiff, My Name Is Ian have already built a back catalogue that would have taken The Stone Roses millennia to mirror. Since 2010 their output of has dealt with break-ups, breakdowns, mysterious lion paintings and characters from the Tom Hanks movie Big. This restless productivity has seen genres including but not restricted to lo-fi, bedroom punk, garage rock, prog and anti-folk, all filtered through the pop-oriented cranium of frontman Reginald Foxwell.


William The Conqueror - The Puppet And The Puppeteer (Live at Marshall Studios).

William The Conqueror have just unveiled their new single ‘The Puppet and the Puppeteer’. Taken from their forthcoming album ‘Excuse Me While I Vanish’, out 28th July on Chrysalis Records, the track is the follow-up to last month’s single ‘Somebody Else’. Produced by the band in a playground of vintage gear and mixed by Barny Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, Sam Fender, Kasabian), the ten tracks on ‘Excuse Me While I Vanish’ marry earworm tunes with insistent, imperious, soaring rock shapes, punctuated by chorus hooks that are simultaneously nuanced and anthemic.

“’The Puppet and the Puppeteer’ could be a Jekyll and Hyde or Frankenstein's monster story—about wrestling with or losing control of your creation—who controls whom,” explains frontman Ruarri. “I definitely feel like William has the upper hand sometimes.” Harry and Nae add, “It's a favourite for us in our live shows. It deserves to be played loud, on a big sound system. You can bring the hustle, the mosh and the lighter sway to this party.”

‘Excuse Me While I Vanish’, very nearly didn’t happen. Following the imposition of lockdown restrictions, Joseph found himself cocooned at home in Cornwall, ruminating on an uncertain creative future, watching on as his wife Mandy, a valiant mental health social worker, engaged with the all-too-real dilemmas of the pandemic-riven here and now. Her example motivated Joseph to become a temporary care worker, an experience which would provide renewed focus and influence the songwriting on the new album.

“My wife was insomniac for the first six months of lockdown, which made it impossible for me to moan or grieve the fact that everything I’d been working on for the last five years had come to a standstill. It was a much-needed perspective and made me realise what a selfish undertaking William had been – navel-gazing with my head in the clouds when what people needed was boots firmly on the ground, preferably on the feet of someone like Mandy.”


Sneakpeek - Strawberry Reality.

Los Angeles duo Sneakpeek share their latest single, “Strawberry Reality,” a psychedelic liquid lullaby inspired by Dora Hiller’s visual artwork, which she creates collages from vintage magazines, and appears in Sneakpeek’s artwork.

“Strawberry Reality” is the third single shared from Hiller and Aric Bohn’s long awaited sophomore album, Scene Within A Dream, due out June 2, following “Serendipity,” in March, which Under the Radar called, "an intoxicating haze of pulsing rhythms and iridescent synth textures.” And “Dreams That You Discarded,” which signaled the duo’s return last November. Buzzbands LA called the single, “exhilarating and vaguely dangerous, with Hiller’s airy vocals casting sublime charms over swirling, rubbery synths.”

Sneakpeak released their self-titled debut album in 2013 on Burger Records, with the LA Times hailing it as a, “noisy nine-track album offering up heavy, druggy guitar riffs that’d make Kurt Vile (or Lou Reed) proud.” While that record combined elements of dream pop with grungy, garage-rock sludge, Scene Within A Dream finds the duo heading in new directions.

Surrounded by walls of synthesizers and vintage drum machines in their Glassell Park studio, Dora and Aric leaned into their psychedelic abandonments, pushing their mostly analogue gear to its limits. “We love obscure electronic music from the 70s, 80s + 90s,” notes Hiller, “and wanted to experiment with a new sound that embodied those elements but with our own spin on it.” Throughout Scene Within A Dream, Sneakpeek explores the world of dreams, the mysteries of nature, mortality, magic and manifestation; old Hollywood studios, non linear timelines, synchronicity, and paranormal experiences, leading the listener out onto a surreal, dreamy dancefloor.


Krooked Kings - All Out of Good Days (Album).

On the back of a stand out SXSW, rising Salt Lake City based indie rock quintet Krooked Kings have released their brand new album, All Out Of Good Days.Produced by surf-rock darling Day Wave, the album is a body of work built on garage rock roots and decorated with indie-pop choruses.  With 13,000 tickets sold on the west coast of North America before the album release, Krooked Kings are a DIY success story who have built a fan base on the back of a committed touring schedule, driving guitars and vibrant vocals, All Out Of Good Days promises to take Krooked Kings to the next level. Speaking on the project, they state:

 ‘We’re just five guys from Utah making music both for pleasure and to process our experiences of the world. This album is a scrapbook of thoughts and feelings bound to the time we wrote it. It’s about the weird time between college and the rest of your life and everything that surrounds that. About how utterly confusing, depressing, and joyful it can be.’

A grass roots band who were raised in the Mormon faith before taking the decision to walk away from the religion and embrace music, Krooked Kings are a unique band with a unique story. In 2019, a group of five college friends from the University of Utah came together to write music and play shows in backyards and basements. Over the course of the last few years, the band has proven time and again their ability to write heartfelt indie rock gems. After signing with Los Angeles based indie label Nobody Gets It Records in 2020, the band released their breakout single, “‘96 Subaru”, which has amassed over three million streams. By September 23, 2021, Krooked Kings released their debut project, The Comedown. After the release, Krooked Kings hit the road on two support tours with Goth Babe and Rare Americans, as well as three headline dates in Denver, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles.