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CLOVES - Good Try.

Talented songwriter CLOVES returns with her subtle yet hard-hitting new track titled “Good Try.” The track comes complete with a visualiser that is the perfect companion for the song’s poignant lyrics.

Kaity Dunstan aka “CLOVES” born in Melbourne, Australia has to date generated over 300million-plus streams, attracted critical acclaim including Pigeons & Planes, i-D, Clash, NME, Vice & Consequence of Sound among many others, performed on U.S network show “Late night with Seth Myers”, toured the U.S opening for Grammy award winning artist Michael Kiwanuka,and her second album saw collaborations with Hudson Mohawke & Jake Portrait from Unknown Mortal Orchestra alongside multiple taste maker praise including her single “Nightmare” becoming BBC Radio 1’s “Hottest Record in the World ”the coveted spotalways seen as a high marker for quality artists.

For CLOVES, now is the time she feels most creatively free and mentally strong as  she steps out to release her first music  independently, marking the beginning of a new relationship with herself and her music, in the midst of the often discussed & debated major label system for artists these days, CLOVES knows this is the best way forward for her make the music she wants and to do it the way she needs to.



Paige Hill - Good Woman (E.P).

Paige Hill is an independent singer and songwriter based in Dallas, Texas. She is an Austin native and "a bit west coast obsessed," living there for eight years prior to making Dallas her current location. Her music is about authentic connections to the best and most challenging parts of being a woman and a mother. Her recently released debut Americana five-song original EP, Good Woman, ranges from classic 70s country and soul to rock and blues.

Every track weaves a story of a real woman who wants to be "good." Her soulful melodies also hint at her Austin roots. "I feel a special draw to sing songs for women and mothers that portray real and complex women. I used to think I'd have it all figured out someday, but we're all just learning and figuring it out together. I feel like music connects us, and I want to share a common thread we may have with someone."

Good Woman was produced, engineered, and mixed by Guillermo Murillo and mastered by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone of Sterling Sound. The EP was recorded at Acoustic Kitchen and The DuJour House in Dallas. The recording engineer was Nick Clem. Musicians on all tracks include Paige Hill (vocals), Guillermo Murillo (electric guitar), Robbie Saunders (pedal steel), Brandon Broussard (bass), Jay Brown (Wurlitzer, B3 organ, melodica), and Ethan Sedelmeier (drums.) "In the summer of 2022 I was asked to sing background vocals for a friend whose music career was taking off, then a duet.

My producer Guillermo heard I wrote the music; the rest is history. It took us less than five months to make my EP, Good Woman. I had just lost a pregnancy, and making this music was healing. I stumbled upon a group of musicians who encouraged me that my songs had stories and experiences worth sharing with others. Guillermo and I co-write a lot together now while our daughters play in the next room, and he played guitar on Good Woman and is on my next album. I love his ear for sound, his music knowledge, his mixes, and how we co-write and realize my songs into beautiful works of art that I am so proud of. Ethan is the drummer on all my projects, as well. I trust these two to help me realize my music and treat it with care so that my original message is conveyed even more powerfully than I originally wrote. And we have so much fun doing it all."


Linebeck - Give Us A Try.

'Give Us A Try' is a gorgeous hook filled affair, with an uplifting melodic vibe hitting us right from the opening chords. The band tell us: Our new single is about being in love with your best friend and deciding to just go for it, even though you might get hurt. Heavily inspired by John Hughes' Pretty in Pink, as well as some "situationships" that our friends were caught in, "Give Us A Try" was written as a love letter from Duckie to Andie, and for anyone else who has ever been too afraid to risk it all.

Being in this in-between phase is an intense emotional roller-coaster. Honestly, I find the anticipation before a big jump to be one of the best parts of being human.

I knew soon after writing this song that if we ever released it, I would want to have a prom themed music video as a way to pay further homage to Pretty in Pink.

I personally think prom is so overrated. I went to two proms and it wasn't as fun as the movies always make it seem. We wanted to create a fun prom experience for all our friends. Many of the extras appreciated the opportunity to take their significant other to prom, and a few hadn't even had the chance to go to prom due to COVID. It was a very long shoot but so much fun.


Popincourt - Love On the Barricades / The Worst Of Lullabies.

Popincourt's new album 'We were bound to meet' is due to be released on September 15th, 2023. We have to really fine tracks to share ahead of the release.

Love On the Barricades is a duo with Gabriela Giacoman, for a title inspired by both The Jam, Billy Bragg and the B'52s. The lyrics refer to the futility of angry political disputes when you are with well-meaning but essentially powerless people … especially while in complete safety around a good table (May as well enjoy yourself a bit while waiting for the revolution).

The Worst Of Lullabies is a syncopated and groovy rhythm reminiscent of certain 60's titles by Serge Gainsbourg with superb string arrangements evoking John Barry.