The Artist Formally Known as Vince Band - Ashton Nyte - Shadwick Wilde

The Artist Formally Known as Vince Band - A Problematic Opera (E.P).

This one came out back in May but escaped our radar at the time, anyway it's never to late for some robust 'recent' new music when it's this good! The Artist Formally Known as Vince Band (or TAFKAVince Band for short) formed in 1996 and began playing out regularly upon the release of 2002's At Last CD. Other notable releases include 2007's Welcome To The Show, the 2011 vinyl release On Display, and the singles "NYC" and "Luck," which were released in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

TAFKAVince features Vince SanFilippo on vocals and guitar, Lauren Kurtz on vocals, Brian Chinino on drums, percussion and backing vocals, Chris Geisler on bass, percussion and backing vocals and Vee Sonnets on guitar, backing vocals and keys.

The band plays a heady mix of glam, power pop, punk, and rock n' roll and has built a reputation as a fierce live act who have graced stages at the Empty Bottle, Beat Kitchen, Liar's Club, Subterranean, Reggie's, The Hideout, and Double Door in their hometown of Chicago and have performed at the esteemed venues Berlin (NYC), Plain Dealer Pavilion (Cleveland) and Slash Run (Washington DC) while on tour.

TAFKAVince Band has opened for (and held their own against) Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks, The Fleshtones, The Undead featuring Bobby Steele of The Misfits, Hunx & His Punx, The Dollyrots, The Melismatics, Scott Lucas and The Married Men, Prima Donna and many other celebrated bands from the indie underground.


Ashton Nyte - The Garden.

Singer-songwriter Ashton Nyte has just released Autumn's Children: his eighth album and second book of poetry, short stories and musings, as well as the fourth video single, "The Garden". Based in the U.S., Ashton Nyte is a South African-born composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer. He has released seven solo albums as Ashton Nyte and eleven albums as The Awakening, one of South Africa's most prominent alternative rock bands.

Nyte has contributed vocals and lyrics to a number of other projects, featuring members of The Cure, Cheap Trick, Peter Murphy, The Mission, and Beauty In Chaos, among many others.

Ashton has written and performed in theatrical productions and hosted philanthropic events, including his “Rock Against Rape” concert series and presenting a lecture series at U.S. universities focusing on tolerance and acceptance. He’s worked on film scores, most recently with Ethan Gold on the movie Don't Let Go, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2019. His songs have also been featured in major television shows, including Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (HBO Max), The Purge (USA Network), and more.

Described by music journalists as "Johannesburg's Bowie" for his widely varying musical styles and theatrical performance approach, Nyte has a released catalog of over 300 original songs and has received airplay and chart success on major independent radio stations worldwide.


Shadwick Wilde - Floating Away.

Shadwick Wilde has released "Floating Away," the third single from his upcoming solo record Forever Home, produced by renowned Nashville drummer Ken Coomer (Billy Bragg, Will Hoge, Margo Price, Vance Joy, Al Green, Wilco and Uncle Tupelo), available everywhere September 22nd!

"My partner Sarah and I came up with the concept of this video while out on a walk in the woods together. She can do just about anything that requires a great deal of fine motor skills. We had both been imagining the paper boat playing a lead role, but the rest was all her. The theme of water comes back a lot on this record. While writing and demoing “Forever Home”, before it had a proper title, I had jokingly titled it “Waterworld” after the behemoth film that almost ruined Kevin Costner.

The parallels are difficult to ignore: both he and I nearly bankrupted ourselves to bring our apocalyptic visions into reality. I have been thinking and writing a lot about water these past few years; how Heraclitus said we can never step into the same river twice… both the human and the river being in a constant state of flux. Our bodies have roughly the same salinity as the ocean, the source of all life on Earth.

I learned a lot of letting go, in the process of making this record. We all are in this river of time, everchanging. All we can do is row, row our little boat, gently down the stream– making small adjustments to our course, but ultimately heading toward the same destination: the ocean that is eternity, the infinite vastness of the cosmos. When the waves of this life come and knock us down, we have a tendency to forget that, we too are the ocean, and that in fact everything does come in waves." - Shadwick Wilde, on "Floating Away" and its video.