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Sneakpeek - Bethan Lloyd - Gal Musette - Sarah McQuaid

Sneakpeek - Serendipity. Los Angeles duo Sneakpeek have just returned with new single “Serendipity,” to announce their long-awaited sophomore album, Scene Within A Dream, for a June 2 release..” Discussing, Sneakpeek’s Dora Hiller noted, "Inspired by the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Yogananda, ‘Serendipity' is about the magic of synchronicity and how the universe sends us messages if we are willing to notice the signs.” Hiller and Aric Bohn reemerged last autumn with the single, “Dreams That You Discarded,” time away focusing their creative energies on other mediums. The duo had released their self-titled debut album in 2013 on Burger Records, with the LA Times hailing it as a, “noisy nine-track album offering up heavy, druggy guitar riffs that’d make Kurt Vile (or Lou Reed) proud.” While that record combined elements of dream pop with grungy, garage-rock sludge, “Dreams That You Discarded” pointed to a new direction in the duo’s material, with one foot in abstract avant-ga

Lawn Chair - Lanterns On The Lake - Dutch Uncles - Orchard Sky

Lawn Chair - Punkrock Band. Ever since their stage debut in late 2021, German-American art punk band Lawn Chair have relentlessly rehearsed, recorded and played shows, including appearances at showcase festivals such as Reeperbahn and Waves Vienna. The band, fronted by Seattle-born Claudia Schlutius, has quickly gained recognition in the German indie scene with a guitar-driven energetic sound, Schlutius’ powerful stage presence and meticulous songwriting. Last month, the band released ‘Sunset Heartbreak’, a single that has garnered the group early support from the likes of BBC Radio 6 Music and DIY as well as comparisons to bands like Gustaf & Bodega. On their new single ‘Punkrock Band’ Claudia Schlutius says: “Don’t we all sometimes just want to start a band and live the glamorous life of rock stars cruising the streams of showbiz? Probably not, which is why the maddeningly cheerful acoustic guitars in all their glory of the 90s contrast the ambition the lyrics provide. Looking a

Güero - Part Time Signals - Paradox Arcade - William The Conqueror

Güero - Mind's Eye. Sacramento quartet Güero have released their latest single “Mind’s Eye”  in advance of their sophomore full-length album, Wednesdays, arriving this Friday, April 7 via Dutch Records. The guys once again tapped director Paul Bates to bring the song to life with a video. Discussing “Mind’s Eye,” guitarist/vocalist Rik Krull noted, "We played this song for a while never really trying to tame it. When we play live in the greater Sacramento area, we tend to play a 2-3 hour set. During one of our gigs we had some time to fill and played 'Mind’s Eye' knowing we could jam it awhile. It ended up being an epic rendition, one that will never be played that way again. Luckily, we have, Russell our scribe who caught it on his phone. Maybe because we weren’t really thinking it needed to be anything specific, everyone’s part just fell into place, perfectly. Some of those things we played that night were developed into the recorded version since we were able to dr

Glass Forest - Chris Emmert - Special Friend

Glass Forest - Can't Just Walk Away. Vancouver-based Glass Forest is an indie-pop group composed of Nick Owen (vocals/keys), Stephen Clarke (bass/beats) and Abby Wale (vocals). They have gained a reputation for euphoric live shows that blend electronic dance elements with atmospheric soundscapes. Their debut EP is anticipated in May 2023. "Can't Just Walk Away" was written about the emotional hardships following the fallout of a previous relationship; specifically, between band members Nick and Abby. It was a uniquely honest process writing and recording the single as they directly confronted the traumas. Oddly healing, it gave space to address and work through past issues, broaching subjects rarely discussed by ex romantic partners. ====================================================================== Chris Emmert - Say My Love. Nashville Americana singer-songwriter Chris Emmert has officially released his latest single, "Say My Love", on all streaming p