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Panic Pocket - Jeanines - The Strange Dream - Jo Caseley

Panic Pocket - Get Me. London-based Sophie Peacock and Natalie Healey have been friends since childhood, know each other’s secrets - and probably know a few of yours too. Panic Pocket are sassy, sardonic and bursting with amazing songs. Fuelled by claustrophobia and frustration, new single Get Me is consumed by the desire to push the escape button. Lyrically, the song grapples with a fear of commitment and a determination to defy life expectations. This sense of cathartic destruction is mirrored in the music. Get Me sees the band stomping on the distortion pedal, building a life-affirming anthem from layers of chunky riffs. The deliberately lo-fi video, shot on an old digital camera Sophie found in the attic, is delightfully deadpan – all snarls and eye rolls against candyfloss backdrops. Get Me was the obvious choice for the opening track on debut album Mad Half Hour, where Panic Pocket set out their intentions and give you a safe space to scream it all out with them. If you want pun

Meagre Martin - The Lemon Twigs - Ivan Moult - Tom Emlyn

Meagre Martin - All My Thoughts Berlin via Boston up-and-coming indie project Meagre Martin share their gripping and intimate new single, "All My Thoughts." The track is out now on Mansions and Millions. On the track, the lead-member Sarah Martin offers: "All My Thoughts' is about the pervasive feelings of grief and how we internalize it. How we continue to reference grief and the ones we've lost for the entirety of our lives. It describes how grief can shape the way we move through the world after those people are no longer here to advise us. It talks about this afterlife connection and also the ultimate fear of mortality and failure." Meagre Martin is a Berlin-based indie music project founded by African-American musician/songwriter Sarah Martin (she/her) in the summer of 2021. Sarah is originally from Boston MA, but moved to Berlin Germany in the fall of 2017. Searching for meaning in a crumbling global climate, this project was created as a means of sur

headboy - The South Austin Moonlighters - Meris Gantt - Jeremie Albino

headboy - Reservoir. London trio headboy have shared their new single "Reservoir" - the latest taste of the band's upcoming debut EP 'Was It What You Thought', out 9th June via Blitzcat Records. In recent months the band have played host to an exhilarating run of sold-out headline shows in the capital, alongside notable support slots with Porridge Radio, Goat Girl, DEADLETTER, Peaness, Melin Melyn, Hotel Lux, Heartworms and THUS LOVE. Swaying from lo-fi bedroom tones to tumultuous blasts of snarling post-punk, headboy's blend of influences, ranging from Sleater-Kinney and Radiohead to Modest Mouse and Grizzly Bear informs the immediacy of their sound, whilst the band also note the impact of post-punk and no wave acts á la Gang Of Four, Orange Juice, Pixies and Television. Consisting of guitarist/bassist and vocalist Mars West (they/them), bassist/guitarist vocalist Jess Collins (she/they) and drummer Oli Birbeck (they/them), headboy have already established t

Maya’s Radio Orchestra - Nora Kelly Band - Blusher - Ruby Waters

Maya’s Radio Orchestra - Suntrap. Maya’s Radio Orchestra has released the luminescent new single “Suntrap,” available on all streaming services this Wednesday, May 3rd. "Suntrap" is a song about Maya’s uncomfortable realization that capitalism and the need for productivity are incompatible with human nature, and are having a detrimental effect on communal mental health. The song hints at dusty underground jazz bars with sweeping strings, swirling harps and honey-like vocals, with an understated piano underpinning the structure that fully supports the warm arrangement. It’s easy jazz but with elements of classical music and triphop, a melting pot of influences coalesce supported by Maya’s masterful writing and playing of strings, harps, piano and glockenspiel. The expanded jazz band is punctuated with glittering whispers of synths from producer Lauren Gilmour whilst lazy drums reminiscent of Portishead or Zero 7 keep us in a dreamlike trance.   ================================

Inkfields - Teeniest - Rob I. Miller

Inkfields - The Third Side of the Coin (Album). The Third Side of the Coin is the second album from Edinburgh based artist Inkfields, following on from the single of the same name, it sees the songwriter dicing with fate on the toss of the coin. Eclipsing his previous releases with a carefree, bluesy soul tinged record that builds from his classic bedroom indie sound, The Third Side of the Coin feels like the complete package in the context of Inkfields work to date, weaving between psychedelic glimpses and classic indie guitar sounds. There’s a feeling of optimism and confidence emitting from the record, highlighting Inkfields as a songwriter at the top of their game. Moving from surf tinged indie to funky disco enthused pop The Third Side of the Coin swaggers along with delighting harmonies, unnerving chills and locked in grooves that assault the senses in the best way possible. Inkfields, the guise of Samuel James-Griffiths, began in Dresden, Germany as a spontaneous after work stre

SUSTO - Burning Jacobs Ladder - Melody Moko - Lawn Chair - Holly Henderson

SUSTO - My Entire Life. SUSTO will return with My Entire Life July 28 via New West Records. The 12-song set was produced by Wolfgang Zimmerman (Band of Horses) and SUSTO’s Justin Osborne and Johnny Delaware. My Entire Life follows their critically acclaimed 2021 album Time in the Sun which Holler said “provides proof that Osborne and his bandmates are an important voice in today’s conflicted world,” while No Depression called it a “fluid and engaging listen.” Ink 19 said “It’s a great example of SUSTO’s ability to create true lyrical and musical masterpieces so fresh you simply cannot turn it off” while the Bitter Southerner named it one of “The Best Southern Albums of 2021.” A season of drastic change is what brought SUSTO frontman Justin Osborne to the band’s new album. There was a divorce, difficulties re-building his band after the pandemic, and the pain and helplessness of witnessing family members struggle with addiction and mental illness. Despite these challenges, Justin ultim